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Have you ever wondered if there is a standard size for shower enclosures? You might want to consider it when doing renovations or updating fixtures in your home. And if you are indeed looking for the proper dimensions of a shower, then the blog that’s prepared for today will provide you the essential insights you need about this topic and give you the proper shower measurements you have to take note of. Read on to get an insight into finding the perfect fit!

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Standard Shower Sizes and How Showers are Measured

Shower sizes entirely rely on bathroom sizes and specific area dynamics. But in general, the standard shower sizes recommended by professionals are based on an average household bathroom measurement of 9 square feet or approximately 36 inches by 36 inches.

However, you have to bear in mind that this is only applicable for shower dimensions, and the measurement will again vary if the bathroom has a bathtub or a combination of a bathtub and shower, for example.

But before we resume and discuss the standard sizes for the different types of bathrooms, we have to talk about how they are measured so we can correctly identify the proper furniture and fixtures appropriate for the space available to you.

  • To start, you’ll want to measure the length first by using a measuring tape and starting from one wall of the corner to the opposite wall.
  • The width should then be measured in the same manner, this time starting at one wall and ending at the doorway of the shower.
  • Finally, you will need to measure the height of your shower starting at either the floor directly underneath or at any lower point where your shower begins and finishes at its highest point.

With these three steps taken care of, you will have an accurate measurement for your future bathroom project!

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Common Shower Size of Different Shower Types

The following is the recommended standard dimensions for bathroom of different types that you have to take note of and to give you a better perspective of how to design your bathroom:

Standard Shower Size

The standard shower height and minimum shower width for a regular bathroom space, as mentioned, are about 32 inches by 32 inches, while the recommended maximum is 36 inches by 36 inches.

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Bathtub and Shower Combination

The suggested measurement provided by professionals for a bathtub and shower combination is 36 inches in depth by 48 inches in width to a maximum of 36 inches in depth by 60 inches in width of a bath.

This type of setup is considered more of a luxury because of the water outlet for bathing purposes and the plumbing system it has. With this being said:it has a higher initial cost and maintenance cost.

Walk In Shower

For walk in shower dimensions, the standard shower sizes that you have to take note of are a shower depth of 36 inches by 42 inches of shower width, up to a maximum of 48 inches by 48 inches.

Double Shower

The double shower dimensions will be different, and you may have to double the standard measurement to accommodate the space needed. Therefore, the ideal standard size for a double shower is approximately 62 inches by 39 inches, up to a maximum of 78 inches by 59 inches.

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Things to Consider When Designing Your Shower Size

The following are additional considerations you have to bear in mind to definitively avail the right shower size for your bathroom and prevent any inconveniences in the future:


When thinking about the size of your shower, you should consider the type and style of enclosure you want to use. Enclosures come in a variety of sizes from stand-alone tubs to rectangular and corner tub units that vary in depth and width, allowing for a greater range of control and design decisions for your shower space.

Water Heating System

Although some households consider it an amenity, a heating system is indeed a necessity, especially in regions located in places where cold weather is frequent.

Light Source

The lighting system is a no-brainer. It needs to have the proper lighting for you to properly cleanse your body or have the ambiance you need for a specific mood as you relax.

Exhaust Fan and Ventilation

The exhaust fan and ventilation system are other vital items that you need to have in your home. And this is because the equipment is used to vent out or control the humidity inside the bathroom. Also, the exhaust vents any bad odor from the bathroom.


Storage is important in organizing bathroom paraphernalia. You need to think about what kinds of items you want to store in and around your shower- such as shampoos, soaps, and other toiletries- as well as whether or not you are able to fit a bench or shelf into the space you have chosen. Storage can even assist with organization and multi-user showers in larger spaces.


I hope the article for today has provided you with valuable information about standard shower sizes and picking the right shower products for your bathroom. But no matter what the options might be, it will all rely on your partialities and spaces’ necessities.

FAQ About Standard Shower Sizes

Below are additional concerns that many homeowners have about the subject matter of standard shower sizes:

What Are the Measurements for Shower Heads?

The ideal height of the shower head should be between 77 inches and 81 inches. However, it also depends on your personal preferences and bathroom dimensions.

Where to Locate a Shower?

The best place to put a shower is in an area where there is no obstruction or any danger of flooding, such as near windows or low-lying areas. Additionally, if space allows it, install the shower close to one corner so that you have easy access to all its sides for maintenance purposes. Finally, it’s best for the flooring directly around and under the shower to be well supported by strong joists in order to hold up against humidity levels and weight from heavy use.

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