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Are you ready to get your bathroom organised? Are you tired of rummaging around for what you’re looking for? Ready to take control once and for all and make your bathroom a place that is easily navigable? Then look no further – here we have 10 brilliant organisation ideas from home design experts. With these simple yet effective tips, you can finally bring order and calmness into one of the busiest rooms in your house. So let’s start organising!

bathroom organization ideas

10 Bathroom Organisation Ideas

The following are 10 of the best bathroom organization ideas that you can implement in your home and that will boost your storage space:

1. Single Plank Shelf and Towel Rack

single plank and towel rack

If you don’t have that many items to bring to your bathroom, then a single wooden shelf and towel rack would suffice. In addition, this is among the best small bathroom storage ideas to incorporate in the vicinity, especially if you have a tiny area to work with.

2. Simple Hanging Vanity Cabinet with Concealed Drawers

simple hanging cabinet

There are times when these drawers clutter our sight. They can also be a cause of minor accidents in a home when someone has not closed them properly. Can you relate? Anyway, among the great small bathroom organization ideas that you can use is by opting for a minimalistic hanging vanity cabinet that has concealed drawers.

In addition, opting for this setup no longer necessitates you using containers for bathroom because of the amount of space you can save from the semi-flat and vertical design of the cabinet.

And if you are looking for the most reliable hanging vanity cabinet, then you have to check out MyHomeware Miami Matt Hampton Style.

3. Hanging Vanity Cabinet with Floral Trinkets

hanging cabinets with floral trinkets

If you have a little artistic mind and you would like to put little decorations inside the bathroom without compromising the space and storage, then you can freely do so by adding live climbing plants on either side of the vanity cabinet and mirror.

Another advantage of putting a live plant is that it improves the airflow and encourages more fresh air into the bathroom because it converts bad odor into clean air.

4. Vanity Cabinet and Functional Wall Drawers

vanity cabinet and functional drawers

Small bathroom space is no excuse for you to improve storage if you have a lot of essentials to stuff in the room. You can place a vanity cabinet inside the bathroom and a functional wall drawer to be used for hygiene products and other items like towels, medicines, hair brushes, etc.

This can be among the excellent bathroom shelf organization ideas that you can implement, but you have to be conscious in shopping for the furniture, and you have to be certain that the measurements are enough so it wouldn’t affect the space in the bathroom.

5. Countertop Bathroom Sink and Standing Cabinet

counterto cabinet and standing cabinet

A long countertop table is again some of the best organization ideas under sink that will definitely boost the storage space in the vicinity. You can put several of your bathroom essentials under the sink, like clean and dry towels and slippers. Plus, a standing cabinet is perfect for tight and vertical parts of the room and to utilize the spot as well.

And if you are not sure of the products that suit your countertop bathroom, then you to try MyHomeware D-Shape Ceramic Top for Bathroom Vanity Sleep.

6. Open Storage Space for Bathroom

open storage space for bathroom and comfort room

Think outside the box and consider incorporating open storage areas in your design. For example, metal grids mounted on the wall are perfect for displaying and organizing frequently used items like towels and toiletries; a hanging corner shelf allows for quick access to toilet paper or whatever needs to be stored above the sink; and among the best toilet storage ideas that you can go for is an open cabinet on each side, while you can place the drawers in the center for your hygienic needs. With the creative use of open storage spaces, you can easily create an orderly oasis right where you need it most!

7. Minimalists’ Vanity Cabinet in a Monochromatic Bathroom

minimalists cabinet in a monochromatic bathroom

The vanity cabinets are built to fit in any style of monochromatic bathroom and feature adjustable shelves making it possible for maximizing storage space in the cabinet. It even has soft-close doors so there is no risk of slamming shut or having items fall out when you open and close the doors. Best of all, it has multiple drawers; allowing you to store anything from toiletries, towels, and other small items in an orderly manner which will make it easier to find what you need when in a hurry.

8. Stainless Steel Bathroom Table and Standing Rack

stainless steel shelf and racks

The problem with a bathroom that has tight spaces is that they are often very challenging to decorate and organize. So the solution that a lot of people do is that they use the sleek design of stainless steel planks and racks to improve storage. Although the spaces in the bathroom aren’t the best ones, it isn’t noticeable because of the black and white shade and open racks.

9. Concealed Wall Drawer

concealed wall drawer

A concealed wall drawer is another excellent idea for small vicinities or if you just desire to save space and attain a simple yet elegant bathroom. As for the wet towels, you can install a regular single hanging rack on the sides of the bathtub or toilet, whichever you prefer.

10. Traditional Bathroom Cabinet with Multiple Drawers

traditional bathroom

Sometimes a regular bathroom cabinet is enough to help you save space and improve storage. All you need is to organize stuff more effectively, and one of the best ways you can do this is by choosing a cabinet with multiple drawers.

You can utilize the top space of the cabinet by decorating it with trinkets, or you can pair the elegant vanity cabinet with a premium mirror such as MyHomeware’s LED Mirror with Magnifier Digital Clock.


The list of bathroom organisation ideas that are relayed in this today’s blog is just some of the best recommendations you can make in your home. You can also use the information as a reference if you want to experiment with different styles and designs.

FAQ About Bathroom Organisation Ideas

Below are some of the common questions that many homeowners have about the subject matter of the best bathroom organization ideas:

How Do I Organize My Bathroom with Little Space?

First and foremost, you have to be aware of the current measurement of the bathroom and, based on the notes you have gathered, find the right storage mediums for the vicinity.

How Can I Make My Small Room Look Luxurious?

Clean up the clutter and manage your storage according to the advice given above. Afterward, you can add minor decorations like wallpapers, small trinkets, or live plants.

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