7 Must-try Shower Screen Ideas for Small Bathrooms

7 shower screen ideas for small bathrooms feature
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Is your bathroom tight and small? You must think your bathroom is uncomfortable with the limited space. But with a few tricks, you can make your small bathroom look bigger. One thing you can do is choose a shower screen that is designed to perfectly fit in small bathrooms. When renovating a small bathroom with showers, it is best to maximize every centimeter so that you don’t have to limit what you can do there because of a lack of space. So, find a shower screen that maximizes functionality while minimizing space usage. Below, we will give you some shower screen ideas for small bathrooms.

7 shower screen ideas for small bathrooms

7 Fantastic Shower Screen Ideas to Make Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger

Sliding Shower Screen

Sliding shower screens are the best choice of shower screens for small spaces. Sliding shower doors can maximize space in the bathroom. They make beautiful lines that look good in both traditional and modern bathrooms. This shower screen for small bathrooms also tends to be budget-friendly.

sliding shower screen

Fixed Panel Shower Screen

The fixed panel shower screen has no shower door at all. Even though there is only one panel, this small bathroom shower screen is still capable of preventing water from splashing. This is a great choice if you want to make a functional shower space that still looks simple. There are different models of fixed panels that you can choose from. You can choose framed, or frameless shower panels with clear, sfumato, or matt glass.

fixed panel shower screen

Corner Shower Screen

A corner shower screen can make your small bathroom look more spacious than it actually is. This small shower cubicle makes good use of the space in the corner.

corner shower screen

Bi Fold Shower Screen

Bi-fold shower screens are ideal for a bathroom with a small space. Because they open into the shower recess. The panels can fold up on their own, making it easier to get in and out of the bathroom area and of course, give you more space. These small shower screens can add style without taking up as much space. The opening is determined by where the tap and shower rose are.

bi fold shower screen

Quadrant Shower Screen

Quadrant shower screens are the perfect shower for small bathrooms and are one of the most popular types of contemporary bathrooms. They have a large area for showering, but it still saves space in your small shower. With quadrant screens, your shower can be put in the corner of your bathroom, and they usually have sliding doors.

quadrant shower screen

Frameless Shower Screen

Bathrooms with frameless shower screens appear and feel spacious. It works well in small bathrooms and gives the impression of more space. Typically, it has glass panels with minimum hardware.

frameless shower screen

Semi Frameless Shower Screen

A semi-frameless shower screen has a modern design with far less aluminum on the door side. This meant giving it a more contemporary and streamlined appearance and making the space of the bathroom look bigger. The semi-frameless shower screens are designed by combining framed shower screens with a more contemporary and simple look. This makes them look more stylish and functional. It’ll look great in any bathroom.

semi frameless shower screen

Make Sure to Measure Your Bathroom Before You Buy a Shower Screen

Before deciding to purchase a shower screen, you should measure your shower space because it will affect the final result of your bathroom. So, be sure to measure accurately and get the right size because there are various shower screen sizes and styles. You should choose the one that fits your measurements so that it’s not too big or too small for your bathroom. For how to measure the bathroom, please follow the tips below:

  • Take accurate measurements of the bathroom door and walls – Measure the width, height, and depth of your bathroom to determine how much space you have available for a shower screen.
  • Check what type of shower screen will fit in your space – framed, frameless, curved, or straight? It is important to select the right style that fits your needs and room size.
  • If you’re unsure about the measurements take help from an expert like a home décor specialist who can help you to choose the best option for your shower screen based on your specific requirements.


To make your decision-making process way easier, we have compiled some shower screen ideas for small bathrooms. Each type of shower screen has a different look that can change the way your bathroom looks. So, it is better if you choose a type that is suitable for the overall look of your bathroom. There are different sizes and types of shower screens that are made of various materials. You can find one shower screen that really fits your bathroom and preference on MyHomeware. Grab one and complement your bathroom look now.

FAQs About Shower Screen Ideas for Small Bathrooms

How to Make Your Bathroom Space Look Bigger Overall?

There are a few things you can do to make a small bathroom space look bigger.

First, get the color right. Some light colors can make your bathroom visually bigger. You can go with cream, pastel blue, white, yellow, or gray.

Second, pay attention to paint, texture, and pattern combinations. When the walls and floor are all the same color, it makes the illusion of a larger wall and floor surface.

Lastly, strategize the shower. Choose compact bathtubs and clear glass framless shower screens designed specifically for small shower doors ideas.

What Is the Best Shower Screen in a Small Bathroom?

According to professionals, the ideal shower screen for small spaces is a frameless shower screen made of clear glass. These shower screens have a minimalistic design and are a perfect solution for small bathrooms. Other options include sliding, quadrant, corner, or bi-fold shower screens, etc which can all make the small bathrooms look bigger and more stylish.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Shower Screen?

Before you buy a shower screen, there are a few things you should think about:
1. Size and Shape: Measure your shower area and choose a screen that fits the dimensions of your space.
2. Material: Shower screens can be made of different materials such as glass, acrylic, or metal. Choose a durable material to make it last longer.
Design and style: Choose a design and style that matches the look of your bathroom.
3. Water Resistance: Make sure the screen is water-resistant and designed to keep water from leaking out of the shower.
4. Installation: Consider how easy the screen is to install and whether you will need to hire a professional to install it.
5. Price: Set a budget and choose a shower screen that fits within your price range. Check out MyHomeware’s various shower screens to find your favorite one.

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