5 Types of Shower Screens to Build Your Next Shower With

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Considered as staples of any bathroom, showers come in all shapes and sizes and this extends to the type of shower screen you might have. The shower screen you pick will have different benefits and drawbacks so it is important to have one that fits you and your bathroom. In this article, we will go over 5 different types of shower screens and discuss their pros and cons, ultimately helping you pick the right one for you.


Framed Shower Screens

Framed shower screens are commonly found in everyday bathrooms. They feature glass panels which are outlined by a frame which is usually made of plastic, metal or chrome. The frame adds extra strength and stability and allows the glass of the screen itself to be much thinner resulting in a lighter screen. The frame also allows for less water leakage, making it a perfect type for families who frequently use the shower.


Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

In semi-frameless screens, the frame is less pronounced and noticeable than framed screens, but still retains their strength and durability. This allows for thinner glass without the bulk of regular frames. The glass also makes their overall price lower than frameless showers. Semi-frameless showers are a great choice for those looking for a balance between aesthetics, strength, functionality and cost.


Frameless Shower Screens

For those aiming to have a clean, stylish and aesthetic look, frameless shower screens are your best bet. Frameless screens are able to provide an illusion of space, making them great options for smaller bathrooms. 

Because they are frameless however, they require thicker glass to make up the strength and stability that frames provide. This them a more expensive option. They also need to be correctly measured and fitted to ensure zero leaks. Overall, they are a fantastic choice for a truly sleek bathroom.


Single Panel Screens

Also known as walk-in shower screens, single panel shower screens feature no door allowing you to simply walk into the shower. They are popular choices for minimalist bathrooms, as well as large bathrooms where you can afford to have space for a designated wet area. Single panel screens are also quite luxurious. When coupled with a waterfall showerhead can provide a shower experience that not a lot of people can enjoy.


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are perfect for small bathrooms because they save space. They are also the only option in bathrooms where a door that pivots outwards is not possible. Most sliding doors have a sliding track mounted to both the top and bottom of the shower screen. Having the mount at the top allows for the bottom of the glass to be seamless, whereas the bottom cutout system sticks up out of the floor, creating better waterproofing.

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