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hand held shower heads for the elderly
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As we age, staying active and independent becomes more challenging. Simple tasks like showering become difficult due to age-related conditions. Having the right equipment can make all the difference, which is why using a hand held shower head may be an ideal option to maintain independence in everyday life. In this guide, we’ll give you helpful tips on how to choose the perfect hand held shower heads for the elderly so you keep enjoying home living safely!

Things to Consider When Choosing Hand Held Shower Heads for the Elderly

Hand Grip

When selecting hand held shower heads for the elderly, the most important factor is the handle size and grip. Make sure it has an easy-to-use handle both with wet hands and with limited hand movement. It can make all the difference between a safe and comfortable bathroom experience and one full of potential hazards with detachable shower heads. 

Adjustable Height and Position

Another tip is to look for handheld shower heads that are adjustable. This allows for different heights and positions during baths and showers. This gives more freedom to elderly adults to move it around to better reach different areas of their body. Adjustable heights and positioning are also crucial for those with mobility issues or disabilities.

Selectable Spray Settings

Our final tip is to find hand held shower heads that have different spray settings. This lets you choose the water pressure you need and also lets you adjust to what is comfortable. Selectable spray settings make sure that you get an enjoyable and refreshing shower without getting overwhelmed by high-pressure water.

The Best Hand Held Shower Heads

MyHomeware Special Care Accessible Handheld Shower Kit

The special care shower kit available from MyHomeware is a top choice for hand held shower heads for the elderly. This complete kit can be optioned with a secure grab rail that is a perfect fit and lets you have something to hold onto when showering. The shape of the shower head also gives you a great grip with dry and wet hands, and the adjustable positioning allows for maximum freedom to move it to your liking. This kit is also customisable, being swappable with other shower heads that have different grips, spray settings and looks.

Vive Health Handheld Shower Head

This Vive Health shower head has a special feature of a pause button on the grip. This lets you stop and start the water whenever you like. It is also great for avoiding a mess in your bathroom when repositioning the shower head to reach different parts of your body.

Moen Home Care Shower Head

The Moen Home Care Shower Head has a special design to it’s grip, with rubber in the main grip area and a strap help prevent the shower head from falling out of your hands. This shower head also comes with an on/off button on the side, making this a great choice for those who have a hard time holding shower heads with their hands.

It’s Time to Get The Best Handheld Shower Head for the Elderly!

When selecting a hand held shower head for the elderly, make sure to consider factors like grip, adjustability and spray settings. The MyHomeware Special Care Accessible Handheld Shower Kit, Vive Health Handheld Shower Head and Moen Home Care Shower Head are all great options that provide special features for those with limited mobility or disabilities. And for more quality shower heads and everything bathrooms, head to MyHomeware today!


How do hand-held shower heads for the elderly work?

Hand-held shower heads for the elderly work to reduce the risk of slips and falls in a shower. Hand held designs can be attached to a wall mount, providing users with extra stability while bathing or washing up. The design also includes long handles that allow users to adjust the height of the shower head as well as angle it at just the right spot for maximum reach and comfort during use.

Many also feature adjustable water pressure, meaning seniors can control how much water is coming out of their shower head. This lets them avoid potential stress on their bodies from high water flow.

What are the benefits of using a hand held shower head for the elderly?

  1. The design allows users to adjust the angle and height of the water stream easily, allowing them to access hard-to-reach areas like their lower back or feet without needing to strain themselves. 
  2. Additionally, its adjustable pressure settings can help soothe sore muscles or reduce pain from arthritis. 
  3. Finally, for those with disabilities that don’t allow them to stand in the shower long periods of time, a handheld device makes showering much more efficient and comfortable.

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