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Assisted Living Bathroom
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When designing a bathroom for those who require care and assisted living, you need to take into account what fixtures and fittings you’ll be installing in your bathroom. In this article, we give you 4 products that will help with assisted living bathroom design and make life easier for you or your loved ones.

Grab Rails

They might look simple and unassuming but grab rails have an important place in care and disabled bathrooms. Grab rails should be a staple in your assisted living bathroom design as they provide a lot of functionality for those who require it.


Grab rails should be installed in places where they’ll see the most use, especially the toilet, the shower and the bathroom sink. Most grab rails will be made from stainless steel for extra slip-resistance and greater stability, but regardless, make sure you’re installing them extra securely to avoid accidents.

Lever Taps

When choosing what tapware to install in your assisted living bathroom design, you should opt for lever taps. Lever taps are much easier to use compared to their twisting counterparts. This is especially useful for handicapped users.


Lever taps can come in many forms, from single lever mixer taps to monobloc levers. Either way, as long as they’re easy and straightforward to turn on and off, they will go great in any care bathroom.

Shower Seats

If your disabled bathroom is going to be used by those who have trouble standing for long periods of time then a shower seat is almost mandatory for your design. Shower seats allow for users to sit down in the shower. Couple this with a handheld, retractable showerhead and you have a shower that is easy to use for everyone.


When buying a shower seat, make sure that they’re made from stainless steel or plastic to prevent rust. Also be sure that they are installed properly for maximum stability and safety.

Smart Toilet

Toilets are another core part of any assisted living bathroom design. They need to be of an appropriate height so that getting on and off the toilet is easy. Toilets with smart features can also greatly improve the quality of life for handicapped users. Smart features include self-raising toilet seats for easier access and bidets for easier cleaning.


Nail your next assisted living bathroom design with these 4 products

The most important aspect of an assisted living bathroom design is accessibility and safety. These 4 products ensure that all parts of your bathroom, from the shower to the toilet, meet this criteria. To buy these products head to MyHomeware, Australia’s largest range of assist and ambulant bathroom products.

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