Enhance Your Bathroom With These 4 Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas

Doorless Walk In Shower Ideas
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Doorless walk-in showers are fantastic choices for any bathroom. Their simplicity and functionality – as well as a host of other benefits – have made them incredibly popular amongst homeowners. In this article, we outline their great benefits and give you 4 doorless walk-in shower ideas to create your own.


Why Walk-in Showers?

Before we talk about interior design or our doorless walk-in shower ideas, let’s focus on why they are a great addition to any bathroom.

First of all, walk-in showers are extremely versatile. Their minimalist and door-free design makes them a perfect fit for bathrooms of all sizes – from large spaces to even the smallest of bathrooms. Secondly, walk-in showers are very easy to clean. There is less surface area to clean, no shower curtains to get mouldy or no porcelain to collect streak, grimes and germs. Lastly, walk-in showers are super accessible. For households with members who experience disabled or mobility issues, walk-in showers offer a practical and ideal solution.

4 Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas

Modern Style

Doorless walk-in showers are perfect in modern bathrooms thanks to their minimalist, sleek and streamlined design. They also typically incorporate clean lines and geometric shapes such as squares and rectangles – cornerstones of the modern bathroom. When outfitting your doorless walk-in shower aim to use neutral colours for your shower walls to emphasise its open design. You can also consider installing geometric fixtures such as square showerheads or rectangular tapware.

Traditional Style

They may be primarily suited for modern bathrooms but doorless walk-in showers are still a great fit in traditional styled spaces. When incorporating a doorless walk-in shower to a traditional theme, try to add small accents and features that follow the retro theme. Some traditional doorless walk-in shower ideas include porcelain or plastic shower floors and subway tiled walls. Glossy white tapware also adds a bit of classic flair to your bathroom!


Industrial Style

Industrial style bathrooms embrace rawness, strength and modernity while avoiding excessiveness, grandeur and extravagance. The bareback design of doorless walk-in showers make them the perfect addition to industrial style bathrooms. Clear glass walls and showerheads that expose piping and other hardware all work to elevate the stripped back yet unique aesthetic of the industrial style bathroom.

Wet Rooms

Taking ‘openness’ to a whole other level, wet rooms can be the perfect place for a doorless shower. Wet rooms are spaces which feature a lack of shower trays, shower doors or shower screens. A single shower screen however, can help separate the shower area from the rest of the master bathroom, making them more welcoming for guests. It also maximises the spaciousness of the entire bathroom.


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