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Industrial bathroom
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Not every bathroom has to be decorated in white ceramic and embellished with pristine, glossy tiles. Industrial bathrooms have been making a big surge in popularity thanks to their raw simplicity and combination of traditional and modern design elements. In this article, we will give you four unique industrial bathroom ideas to create an industrial style bathroom of your own!

What Is Industrial Style Interior Design?

Industrial design takes inspiration from the industrial revolution of the 1700s where buildings were simple and functional. Open plan floor spaces, large windows, great emphasis on brick and metal, and minimal paintwork were the norm – mainly due to cost-cutting reasons.

This design style rose back in popularity, particularly in homes in the mid-20th century. Interior designers took the characteristics of industrial design and incorporated them into modern homes creating an ‘industrial chic’ style.

4 Tips To Create Your Own Industrial Bathroom

Do you want your own industrial style bathroom of your home? Follow these 4 tips to create a bathroom with a simple, raw flair of industrial chic.


A Focus On Neutral Colours

One of the biggest staples of industrial decor and design is a neutral colour palette. Colours considered to be neutral include black, white, grey and brown. Other colours can be used, but should be applied sparingly. Neutral colours should still make up the majority of your industrial bathroom’s interior design.

Consider using grey concrete floors or even brown brick walls to build the foundation for your bathroom. Black and grey tapware are an additional way to further enhance the industrial chic look.


Emphasis on Raw, Simple Materials

When you think of the word industrial what sort of images come to mind? Do you think of metalwork, stone, clay and raw wood? These are the materials that make up the backbone of striking industrial style.

Exposed metal piping, chrome or matte black mixers, stone basins and concrete flooring are fantastic ways to embrace the raw simplicity of an industrial bathroom. Rustic wood is also perfect for this type of interior design. The texture of wood adds a touch of nature to the entire space and is easy to add products such as wooden stools or a wooden bathroom vanity.


Choosing Simple Shapes

The industrial vibe is hardworking and straightforward. The shapes and silhouettes of the furniture and fixtures of your industrial bathroom should make your space feel the same. When purchasing bathroom products, try to focus on square, blocky and straight edged furniture.

A rectangle basin fits this profile perfectly, so do items such as square bathroom mirrors. A bit of curvature is always welcome – edison lighting is one of the biggest characteristics of industrial design – but the main focus should be on straight-edged fixtures.


Minimal Accessories

Like minimalist bathrooms, open space and clutter-free environments are essential qualities of industrial bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom you may think this is hard to achieve. However, opting for less accessories can enhance industrial interior design.

Try to keep only the most essential accessories such as shelving or bathrobe hooks. If you do have a lot of accessories and knick-knacks, consider storage options to keep your bathroom clutter-free.

Get To Work Building Your Industrial Bathroom Today

These 4 tips will help you create a slick-looking industrial bathroom in no time! To get some of the products mentioned in this article get in touch with us at MyHomeware. We have Australia’s biggest range of affordable, amazing bathroom products. Shop with us today!

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