7 Zen Bathroom Ideas For A Perfectly Peaceful Space

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Everyday life is stressful enough, so why come home to a busy, cluttered home? With a zen bathroom, you’ll have the perfect place to slip away from the daily grind in your own home. In this article, we give you 7 zen bathroom ideas to turn your bathroom into a space of wellbeing and peace.

Natural Light

Exposing yourself to copious amounts of natural light everyday has been shown to improve mood and happiness and relieve stress. You can apply the same cause and effect in your home’s bathroom. Maximise your bathroom’s natural light by investing in large open windows, wide mirrors or clear shower walls.


Wood Accents

Wood is strongly associated with places of zen. Their connection to earth contributes to peaceful spaces and when used well, can also look fantastic in your bathroom. Consider implementing some wood accents in your bathroom such as wooden accent walls, wooden benches or stools or wooden shelves.

Neutral Colours

The native brown of wood accents lends itself to another major contributor to our list of zen bathroom ideas: neutral colours. Neutral colours are ideal since they are calm and peaceful, and are not too bright or harsh. Colours that fit this description include beige, white, grey or cream. You can apply these colours to your wall, floors and even your bathroom’s vanities or basins.


Bathroom Plants

While we’re on the topic of nature, plants and greenery in general goes a long way in creating a space that reduces stress and heightens wellbeing. Plants are a perfect addition to a zen bathroom. With all bathroom plants, make sure you pick ones that thrive in moist, humid environments. Great options to pick from include cactus, bamboo or aloe vera plants.

Storage Options

One thing that will bring down the peaceful vibes of your bathroom is mess and clutter. Clean up your bathroom and keep it nicely organised with innovative storage solutions. Things such as shelving, baskets and even cabinets and vanities are great ways to keep your bathroom essentials neatly tucked away and out of sight.


Centrepiece Bathtub

You’ve seen it before in images of ‘zen places’: the luxury bathtub sitting in the middle of the bathroom. You see it so often for good reason, it’s the definition of zen! Being able to relax in an amazing bathtub for an hour (or two) is a great way to relieve yourself of your worries. Look for a freestanding bathtub that is well made yet aesthetically pleasing.

Pleasing Scents

Last on our list of zen bathroom ideas are tasteful scents and pleasing aromas. Aromatics play a big part in improving our overall mood. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the scent of lavender, vanilla and cinnamon? Scented candles are perfect for the bathroom and will make your zen bathroom all the more pleasing.

Use our Zen Bathroom Ideas to Create a Place of Wellbeing Today

Being able to have your very own zen bathroom will elevate your quality of life considerably and you can do it today with our list of zen bathroom ideas. Find everything you need to make your own zen bathroom today at MyHomeware, Australia’s largest range of amazing bathroom products at affordable prices! And for more blogs like this one, head on over to the MyHomeware blog.

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