5 Unique & Creative Wood Bathroom Floor Ideas

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Looking for a more unique way to design your home’s bathroom? Look no further than wood bathroom floors! This unorthodox styling idea is more popular than you think, and can be found in many designer bathrooms. Their natural element lends itself to down to earth homes which prioritise peace, mindfulness and wellbeing. But the key thing is finding the right wood bathroom floor ideas for your space.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 unique wood bathroom floor ideas. We’ll also discuss the most important things you need to keep in mind when installing wooden flooring in a bathroom. Let’s get right to it!


Important Considerations

Before you start bringing out the toolbox to install your new wooden floors, there are a few key things you need to remember. Firstly, hardwood floors require much more maintenance and care than regular flooring, especially those in bathrooms. Because bathrooms are wet environments, they need to be covered in a water resistant finish purposefully made for water and humidity. This finish may also need to be reapplied twice a year. Wooden floors also require a waterproof sealer to avoid damage – and even with that, any splashes or puddles need to be immediately mopped and dried.

With those considerations, you’re now free to install some beautiful wood floors for your bathroom!

5 Wood Bathroom Floor Ideas

Dark Wooden Floors

Dark wooden floors are a flooring option that exudes class and make a great combination with lighter colours such as white or grey. For those seeking either a classic Gothic bathroom or a more contemporary wet space, dark wooden flooring is an excellent and timeless choice.


Wooden Slats

Wooden slats are relatively thin pieces of wood that are installed side by side to make a complete flooring. They are a fantastic choice for wet rooms and add a touch of tropical South Eastern Asian vibes to your bathroom. Wooden slat flooring usually features a drainage system underneath, perfect for frameless shower floors.

Nailed Plank Flooring

Most wood bathroom floor ideas feature wood which easily snap together. But with a little elbow grease, you can create a beautiful, retro floor for your bathroom. Nailed plank flooring is classic and traditional, yet elegant and luxurious. Don’t forget to top it off with a waterproof sealer!

Herringbone Wooden Planks

Your wooden bathroom floor doesn’t always have to be in a parallel or perpendicular pattern. Mix it up a little and spice up your bathroom with a unique herringbone pattern! This pattern is incredibly attractive and elevates the aesthetic of your bathroom.


Light Wooden Floors

On the opposite side of the shade spectrum are light wooden floors. Light wooden floors are a perfect addition to a bathroom that follows a similar colour palette. They also make a great complement to modern bathrooms with many indoor plants and large amounts of natural light.

Go Back to Nature With These Wood Bathroom Floor Ideas

These wood bathroom floor ideas will help you create a unique and creative bathroom space of your own! To fill out the rest of your wooden floor bathroom, head on over to MyHomeware, Australia’s largest range of amazing bathroom products! For more informative blogs like this one check out the MyHomeware blog.

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