Why you need a lighted makeup mirror for your bathroom

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Is putting on or removing your makeup a part of your day that you consider to be tedious? Leave those days behind – a lighted makeup mirror can take your game to the next level. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to know the value of a lighted makeup mirror either. They’re now being found in homes, bathrooms and bedrooms, becoming staples in trendy furniture and accessories.

But why are they so popular? It can’t solely because of makeup can it? It isn’t – these mirrors bring a litany of different benefits to the modern day bathroom, from providing a space solely for makeup application to improving the overall aesthetic of a bathroom. Let’s delve deeper and learn more about why you need a lighted makeup mirror for your bathroom!

What is a lighted makeup mirror?

Before we do so, it’s a good idea to go over what exactly a lighted makeup mirror is. Are there different kinds of makeup mirrors? How big can they get? How much do they typically cost?

Lighted makeup mirrors (also called lighted vanity mirrors) are exactly what they sound like – makeup mirrors that are equipped with lighting features. These lights can be an LED ring around the edge of the mirror or a series of bulbs that outline its circumference. They’re primarily used to make makeup application and personal grooming easier. The added lighting feature often makes them a little more expensive than your standard mirror.

Most of these mirrors are sized for personal use but they can be as large as a meter long – though this does drive up their cost. They can also come in both rectangular or circular designs. Lighted makeup mirrors can also have additional features such as touch control, touch sensors, phone connectivity or light settings to widen their scope of use.

Benefits of lighted makeup mirrors

As we previously mentioned, lighted makeup mirrors aren’t limited to just makeup application or personal grooming. There are other reasons as to why they should be a part of your bathroom.

Benefit 1: Better skin care and makeup application

But we do need to go over the greatest strength of makeup mirrors – their ability to help you apply your makeup better. You may have the steadiest hand or the best products but nothing helps you put your makeup on better than a clear reflection and great natural light. These are two things that all lighted cosmetic mirrors have!

With the lighting features of these vanity mirrors, you’ll be able to avoid the odd makeup horror such as unblended lines og foundation or overly plucked eyebrows. They can also help men when it comes to grooming their moustaches and beards – clearer reflection and better lights will help them shave or trim more accurately.

Benefit 2: Organised vanity area
If you plan placing your lighted makeup mirror above or on its own vanity, it will give you a space to properly store all your makeup and skincare products. It’ll also give you a designated spot to do makeup in the home. Why is this significant? A designated space solely for makeup application will declutter your bathroom, making it cleaner, less messy and more organised.

No more sifting through bathroom drawer after bathroom drawer looking for that one eyelash curler – it’ll all be neatly placed on your vanity with a vanity mirror with lights!

Benefit 3: Added bathroom aesthetic
What screams glam, modern design than a beautiful, LED makeup mirror? Making a lighted makeup mirror part of your bathroom design can make your bathroom look glamorous, trendy and chic. This effect is doubled if your lighted mirror is capable of changing hues which will add a splash of colour to your bathroom.

Think about how often guests visit your bathroom, they’ll be sure to appreciate the sleek new addition of your makeup mirror as well! If you’re looking to improve the overall aesthetic and appearance of your bathroom, consider investing in a large LED mirror!

Benefit 4: Energy saving capabilities
You don’t have to be a hardcore penny-saver to appreciate this benefit of lighted makeup mirrors. These glamorous mirrors are incredibly cost-effective. Lighted mirrors mainly use LED lights and bulbs which last a lot longer than typical bulbs. Not only does this help you save money on replacing old bulbs, but it will also help you cut back on your energy bill (since LED lights have typically low energy consumptions).

Their lower energy consumption makes lighted mirrors sustainable and environmentally friendly – especially when compared to other forms of lighting.

Invest in a lighted makeup mirror today!

If you’re still wondering whether or not you should buy a lighted makeup mirror, let us help you out by telling you that you should! Like we mentioned at the top of this article, you don’t have to be a makeup enthusiast to enjoy the benefit that this bathroom accessory brings.

Finally convinced? All that’s left to do is to find the best lighted makeup mirror for your bathroom! At MYHOMEWARE, we have a wide range of wall mounted lighted makeup mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Our mirrors are competitively priced and with our buy now, pay later option, you can buy with confidence! Check out our range today!

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