Why Does My Toilet Smell? Answered

why does my toilet smell
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Are you trying to figure out why your toilet is so smelly and why the smell will not go away? Toilets are a complex part of our homes, and pinpointing issues that cause bad smells is often complex. But not to worry. In this article, we go over the common reasons that answer the questions of why does my toilet smell and what you can do to fix them. 

Why Does My Toilet Smell?

It’s Dirty


Remember to clean underneath the rim of the toilet

The first and simplest answer for the question why does my toilet smell is that it’s dirty. Mould and bacteria build up in the toilet bowl over time, and produce foul odors when left unattended. Clean it with toilet cleaner or bleach and a toilet brush to get rid of them. Pay special attention to the underside of the rim of your toilet, which is an area many people neglect and creates bacteria and mould growth.

You haven’t used it in a long time

Toilets that have not been used in a long time, such as when you go on a long holiday, do not use a guest toilet or leave a rental property vacant, produce a foul odor. This is because water from the toilet bowl evaporates and leaves room for sewer gases to rise up. To solve the issue of your smelly toilet, simply flush it to fill the bowl back up with a good amount of water and the sewage gas will no longer get through.

Worn Wax Ring


Wax rings fail over time and need to be replaced by a plumber

Another easy to spot reason for why does my toilet smell is worn wax rings. Wax rings are wax seals that form a barrier for your toilet from the waste pipe, and this seal is both air-tight and water-tight, lasting on average for 30 years. Old toilets or improper seal application jobs often have worn out wax seals which let sewer gas and water seep out. An easy way to tell if you have a worn wax ring is if the toilet wobbles or shakes. 

Leaking P-Trap 

Each toilet has piping behind it in the shape of a U, called a p-trap. Although the naming is confusing, a p-trap is important as it holds the water which creates a barrier against sewer gas from entering through the toilet. When water in the p-trap is not sufficient to prevent the gasses coming through, you need to call a plumber. This is because the p-trap is either leaking, has a broken seal, or had improper installation.

Faulty Vent Pipe

Vent pipes are installed into your plumbing system to vent out excess sewer gasses. These pipes, like all others, wear out over time and develop leaks or cracks. This causes sewage gas to seep through the toilet and any surfaces connected to the pipe. A plumber can check the vent pipe with a special smoke machine and replace or repair the damaged section.

Call a Plumber


Get a plumber to fix and repair issues causing your toilet to smell

If you have a toilet that smells like rotten eggs and have already cleaned it, it will be time to call a professional plumber. More complicated jobs that fix broken piping or seals require a qualified plumber to fix properly. Plumbing jobs are easy to get wrong, so consider the plumber you choose carefully.

Get Rid of Your Toilet Smells!

From a dirty toilet bowl, to worn wax seals, and even broken vent pipes, there are a number of reasons for why does my toilet smell. Trying to find the problem yourself can be a difficult task, especially after you have already tried cleaning your toilet well. Call a good plumber to inspect your toilet and fix the problem for you and get rid of those smells once and for all. For more information on everything bathrooms, check out the MyHomeware blog today!

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