Why Do I Get Itchy After Showering? Causes and Remedies

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Have you ever asked the question, why do I get itchy after showering? If yes, you are certainly not alone. Getting itchy after shower is more prevalent than you think. It can affect many people of different ages and health conditions and can be caused by many reasons.

In this post, we will explore what causes itchy skin after showering and how to manage this uncomfortable sensation. Keep reading to learn more about how to soothe irritated skin and get back to feeling your best!

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What Causes Itchy Skin After a Shower? 

Feeling itchy after a shower is often due to skin dryness caused by a weakened skin barrier. The skin barrier is the skin’s first line of defense against external threats like chemicals, infectious substances, and allergens. When the skin barrier weakens, the skin experiences dryness that changes the skin texture and causes your skin to feel itchy. Apart from dryness, a weakened skin barrier can also cause dullness, redness, and skin sensitivity.

Despite being naturally tough, the skin barrier can deteriorate over time due to different factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, age, genetics, and even your showering habits.

In the list below we focus on unhealthy showering habits and other potential causes of post-shower itchiness.

Taking a Shower Too Long or Often

Unhealthy showering habits like taking shower for too long or too often can be harmful to your skin. Showering for too long especially when you use hot water can make your skin dry and itchy. According to an expert, the recommended shower time is only about 5 to 10 minutes.

On the other hand, daily showers can also cause dry and itchy skin. It allows the entry of bad bacteria into cracked skin as well. Hence, if you already experience dry, itchy, or cracked skin, it is best to avoid daily showers. Dermatologists recommend only showering every other day depending on the environment and activities.

Harsh Soap or Cleanser

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Whether you have sensitive skin or not, you have probably asked the question why am I itchy after a shower? If you don’t take a shower daily or for a long time, the ingredients in your soap or cleanser must be the reason why. Using soaps with harmful ingredients like sulfate can strip the skin’s microbiome. Parabens, fragrances, synthetic flavors, and preservatives can also hurt the skin. When these ingredients come in contact with your skin, you may experience diverse reactions such as itchiness, puffiness, and redness.

Irritating Laundry Detergent for Towels

Believe it or not, your choice of laundry detergent might be causing your post-shower itch. Like soaps, laundry detergents contain skin-damaging ingredients like sulfate, preservatives, and strong fragrances. These irritating ingredients can cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis.

Using Very Hot Water

A hot shower is no doubt very relaxing after a long day of work. However, as much as you love it, you may need to stop using hot water. Hot water strips the skin of the natural oils that are essential to keep the skin healthy. In addition, it can increase inflammation of the skin and worsen irritation and itching.

Cleaning or Changing Showerhead

A dirty old showerhead may seem like a minor annoyance, but it could be causing more than just a grimy shower. In fact, a buildup of bacteria and minerals on the showerhead may be causing skin irritation and itchiness. When the water passes through a dirty showerhead, it can carry these irritants onto our skin, causing reactions like dryness, rashes, and even acne.

Underlying Skin Condition

Still don’t know what’s causing your post-shower itch and asking the question, why am I itchy after showering? If yes, you may need to consider consulting a dermatologist. Different skin conditions can cause tingling and itchy skin all over body after showering. These include dry skin (xerosis), eczema (dermatitis), and psoriasis.

Solutions to How to Stop an Itching Body After Bathing

Now that you know the possible causes of your itchy skin, it is important to know how to manage itchy skin after a shower.

The first thing you need to do when managing post-shower itch is to change your showering habits. From long daily showers, you can switch to short and less frequent showers that are healthier for the skin.

You should also switch your soap and cleanser to a milder and hypoallergenic alternative that can nurture your skin from the inside out. In addition to that, remember that when taking hot showers, it is always a must to moisturize after. This will help replenish the moisture in the skin and keep it healthy. Some great moisturizers you can use are natural oils like coconut oil and olive oil. You may also use hypoallergenic lotion for your body. Besides moisturizing your skin, you can practice taking cooler showers to keep your skin healthy as well. And it’s also crucial to clean your showerhead regularly and replace it when necessary to maintain good hygiene and prevent skin issues.

When you have done all these tips for managing itchy skin after showering, but still experience post-shower itchiness, we strongly advise you to consult your dermatologist. In many cases, the reason for itchiness is an underlying skin condition. Consulting a dermatologist will not just give you answers to why you experience itchiness, but also help you choose the right skin products for you.

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Now that you know the possible answers to your question, why do I get itchy after showering? It’s time to take action. Always keep in mind that even if Itchiness after taking a shower can be very uncomfortable and alarming, it is curable. Before panicking, make sure to check every possible cause first from your showering habits to your skin condition. However, if the itching persists or is accompanied by other symptoms, we strongly encourage you to seek professional help.


Why Do My Legs Get Extremely Itchy after Shower?

There are different possible causes of experiencing itchy legs after shower. These include showering for extended periods or soaking your skin in hot water. The harsh soap you use or the laundry detergent you wash your towels with may also cause your legs to itch. In addition to that, your skin condition may cause your legs to feel itchy after showering.

What Home Remedy Can I Use to Stop Uncontrollable Itching after Shower?

Uncontrollable itching all over body after a shower can be alarming, but don’t worry too much because there are home remedies you can try. First, you can apply a cold, wet cloth, or ice pack to the itchy skin. This will help calm down your skin and mitigate itchiness. Do this for about 5 minutes or until the itchiness alleviates. You may also use cooling agents like menthol or calamine for faster relief.
Another home remedy you can do is moisturize your skin. Dry skin after shower is often the culprit behind post-shower itchiness. Hence, always moisturize your skin with moisturizing agents like natural oils or mild lotions.

Does Hot Water Make Itching Worse?

Yes. Experiencing itchy skin after shower becomes more common when you use hot water. This is because hot water strips the skin’s natural oil causing it to lose moisture. When this happens, the skin becomes dry and prone to itching.

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