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Every household needs to have a toilet, and every toilet must have a toilet. However, there are many brands and types of toilets on the market, and not only the price is different, but also the way of flushing. So, which one is the best way to flush the toilet? Here is an introduction to the pros and cons of the four common flushing methods for everyone to make better choices.

1. Siphon type

This is mainly due to the difference in water level, which causes the water to produce a certain suction force, and then takes away the dirt. Generally, the flushing pipe presents an S-shaped curve, because of the high water storage line, it is easy to flush away the dirt on the toilet surface. In addition, the anti-odor function is not bad, and the noise is relatively small. However, the siphon toilet uses the principle of water level difference and needs to put the water at a high level, so it will waste water. Another disadvantage is that the tubing of the toilet is thin and long, so it is easy to cause a blockage.

2. Jet siphon type

The jet siphon toilet is an improved type of siphon toilet, and a jet channel is installed at the bottom of the toilet. When the toilet is used for flushing, in addition to the water around the toilet seat will flow down, and the spray port at the bottom of the toilet will also spray water. The two-pronged approach greatly enhances the flushing capacity of the toilet. In addition, it also inherits the advantages of siphon toilets in terms of deodorization and noise, so it is deeply loved by people.

3. Vortex siphon type

The vortex siphon toilet is also a kind of siphon toilet, and its advantages are similar to the siphon toilet. It’s just that the noise in the vortex siphon toilet will be smaller, and of course, it can also wash away the stains on the surface and inner wall of the toilet. However, due to the slower water pressure, the flushing capacity of the vortex siphon toilet is weaker than that of the jet siphon type.

4. Direct flush type

In addition, the flushing method of the toilet also has a direct flush. The wall of this toilet will be relatively steep, and it is not easy to accumulate dirt. When flushing, the surrounding water will be suddenly pressed down, flushing the excrement into the sewer pipe. In addition, the direct flush toilet has a simple route for the flushing pipe, and it is not easy to cause a blockage. It is a water-saving toilet. However, due to the high flushing pressure, there will be a lot of noise.

In fact, which is the best toilet flushing method depends on each person’s own needs. After all, only the one that suits you is the best.

In the market, siphonic toilets are widely used. The advantages of this siphonic toilet are that the flushing noise is low, the water level is relatively high, and the odor is not easy to appear; while the direct flush toilet has a louder impact on the pipe wall. If you want to have a short flushing process after going to the toilet, the flush toilet can get immediate results.

No matter what flushing method you choose, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. From the perspective of water-saving, the flush toilet will save more water, but the flushing sound is louder; if you want the toilet to be silent and odorless, you can choose a siphon toilet. Therefore, whether the toilet flushes directly or siphons, you should choose the right toilet according to your personal living habits.

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