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The tap seems to be an inconspicuous small object, but the tap occupies a very important position due to the high usage rate in ordinary days. We cannot live without the tap in our daily life. Nowadays, the variety of taps is complicated. The most important thing to buy a common tap is to choose the quality in addition to the appearance. How can I choose a high-quality and safe tap?

A tap is a popular name for a water valve. It is used to control the amount of water flow and has the effect of saving water. The replacement of taps is very fast, from old-style cast iron technology to electroplating knob type, and to stainless steel single temperature single control tap, stainless steel dual temperature dual control tap, kitchen semi-automatic tap. Nowadays, more and more consumers choose the tap from the aspects of material, function, and styling.

1. The Function of the Tap

According to the function of the tap, it can be divided into several categories: Kitchen tap, Basin tap, Bathtub tap.

Kitchen tap

If you have a hot water line in your kitchen, this tap should also be double-connecting. The feature is that the water outlet of the kitchen tap is higher and longer, and some have a hose design for people to wash vegetables and dishes. The spout should also be very long, extending above the drain and not splashing.

Basin tap

This basin tap refers to the tap installed in the bathroom basin, which is used for washing hands and washing clothes. It has a variety of shapes, the main body is made of brass, the exterior has chrome plating, gold plating, and various metal baking finish, and the handle has a single handle type and double handle type. Some basin taps are equipped with falling water-lifting rod, which can be directly lifted and open the sink drain to remove sewage. Due to its specific function, the tap with a short and low spout should be chosen to be both practical and coordinated, but it should be noted that enough space should be left.

Bathtub tap

It is installed above one side of the bathtub and is used to open hot and cold mixed water. At present, the ceramic spool single handle bathtub tap is more on the market. It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature and is easy to use; the ceramic valve core makes the tap more durable and leak-free. The valve body of the bathtub tap is mostly made of brass, with chrome plating, gold plating, and various metal baking finishes on the surface. This type of tap must have two water outlets, the bottom is used to fill the bathtub, and the other is used to connect the shower. After recognizing, pay attention to the length of the tap spout is slightly longer than the width of the bathtub edge, so as to ensure that water does not flow outside when filling.

2. The Structure of the Tap

The tap can be divided into single-joint tap, duplex tap, and triple tap according to the structure.

Single-joint tap means one in and one out, directly connected to one of cold water pipe or hot water pipe. Such as a single cold basin tap.

Duplex tap refers to two in and one out. It is connected to two inlet pipes for hot and cold water at the same time. taps for washbasins or kitchen sinks, most of which are mixer taps, are taps that mix hot and cold water. Such as basin mixer tap and kitchen mixer tap.

Triple tap refers to two in and two out, in addition to connecting two inlet pipes for cold and hot water, it can also be connected to a shower nozzle, which is mainly used for bathtub taps and shower taps. Such as bathtub tap.

3. The Material of the Tap

There are many kinds of materials for taps. When buying a tap, we need to understand the material of the tap. taps of poor quality are easy to break, and replacement is more troublesome. Common tap materials on the market today include stainless steel, alloys, ceramics, copper, plastic materials.

Stainless steel tap

The stainless steel tap does not contain lead and is resistant to acids, alkalis, corrosion, and harmful substances. It will not pollute the water supply. The surface of the stainless steel tap does not need to be electroplated, only needs to be polished to show the true color of its stainless steel.

All copper tap

Pure copper tap is made of all copper, with the chrome-plated surface, high gloss, and high anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance. Mainly distinguish its quality by its own copper content and process.

Plastic tap

Plastic taps are rich in color and mass-produced in molds. Compared with other materials, the safety of use is higher. ABS plastic is used for production and processing. But it is not strong and has a short life span.

Alloy tap

The price of the alloy tap is much lower than that of the full copper tap, and this tap is easier to mass-produce. Among them, a large amount of zinc alloy is used. The zinc alloy tap is harmful to the human body and is not very durable.

Ceramic tap

Compared with other taps, ceramic taps have the advantages of no rust, no oxidation, and not easy to wear. The ceramic tap has a beautiful appearance because the shell is also made of ceramics.

After understanding the different materials of taps, we can choose the tap suitable for our home.

4. The Style of the Tap

taps are everywhere in life, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. With the development of society, there are many different ways to open taps. The tap can be divided into screw type, wrench type, lifting type and induction type, etc. according to the opening mode.

1. When the screw-type handle is opened, it needs to rotate many times, which is more troublesome to use.

2. The lifting type only needs to be lifted upwards to discharge the water, and the water flow can be controlled by the opening angle. It is convenient and hygienic.

3. Induction tap, as long as you put your hand under the tap, the water will be discharged automatically, but the response is unresponsive. It is easy to use, both hygienic and water-saving.

4. The wrench type generally only needs to be rotated by 90 degrees, and the opening angle can be used to control the water flow.

When we choose a tap, we should compare more products, so that we can choose the most suitable tap.

5. The Quality of the Tap

A good-quality tap can not only make your life more convenient but also reduce a lot of trouble for you. If a bad tap is selected, it will be repaired frequently in the future, which will bring endless trouble to life.

Branded commodities have the manufacturer’s brand identity. Informal or substandard products are often only pasted with some paper labels, or even without any marks. The tap box should also have the manufacturer’s brand identity, quality assurance, and after-sales service card.

6. The Price of the Tap

In fact, there are many top brands on the market, and the prices of taps are also different. The price of ordinary taps will be cheaper. You can buy a good tap for dozens of dollars. If it is a branded product, the price will be higher. There are cheap and expensive taps, different brands, different functions, and different prices. You can buy taps according to your different needs. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble in future use, it is best to choose carefully.

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