What To Do With Empty Space In Bathrooms

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Balancing the theme of your bathroom space is one of the hardest things to do with interior design. If you are not trained in this industry or have not completed any studies, it may be difficult to create a nice atmosphere in your bathroom. However, we’re here to help you break that. Here are the top solutions to know what to do with empty space in bathrooms.

What Is An Empty Space?


Leaving large empty spaces can make a room feel bare

Empty space, known as negative space in interior design, are blank areas between objects like furniture or home decor. Empty spaces provide a sense of calmness to your interior space. They can tone down a space or allow other elements to gain focus and attention.

There is a balance between too much empty space and too little. Too much empty space makes a room or area feel bare, whilst too little makes a room feel cluttered. Even spacing between different focal points and objects in your bathroom is key in finding the right balance.

What To Do With Empty Space in Bathrooms

Extra Storage

The first and best option for what to do with empty space in bathrooms is to add some extra storage space. This could take the form of adding a medicine cabinet, bathroom vanity, or floating cabinet on your walls. Functionally, you could use the extra storage space to store your towels, toiletries or extra toilet paper.  

Open Shelves


Simple and effective. Open shelves add a extra point of interest and help store your bathroom items

A perfect way to apply extra storage is adding some open shelves. You can do this in your shower area to put items like shampoo or soap within reach. Pick one in a colour and design that matches your bathroom theme, and consider installing multiple shelves if you have a larger bathroom area with bare walls.

Bathroom Plants

Another great option for what to do with empty space in bathrooms are plants which are specifically for bathroom environments. Not only will they look great, but they elevate the mood and atmosphere of your bathroom. Use bathroom plants to accentuate or be the focal point of your bathroom. For those who want to transition to a rustic or natural themed bathroom space, plants will be essential.



Extra mirrors or a larger mirror fills empty space and gives the illusion of extra space

Mirrors are already an essential part of your bathroom. The difference here is that you can choose specific designs or place multiple mirrors to fill up your space. Adding mirrors into your bathroom will also help small spaces feel bigger, giving the illusion of extra space. This method of decorating your bathroom is only getting increasingly popular as more apartments with small bathrooms pop up.


The addition of a hamper in your bathroom gives you somewhere to put all your dirty clothes. Not only can they hold dirty laundry, you can also use them for storing extra toiletries and hand towels. The top of your hamper allows you to put other light items on it, either for decoration or for practical purposes such as small potted plants or bath towels. 

Fill Those Empty Spaces!

Do not let those empty spaces linger around in your bathroom space. What to do with empty space in bathrooms is actually an easy question to answer, from adding extra storage and shelves to mirrors and plants. Now it is up to you to pick which option suits your bathroom theme best. For more bathroom improvement tips and tricks visit the MyHomeware blog.

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