What Size Shower Screen do I Need in Australia?

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Before answering this question, let’s define a shower screen. It is a glass panel – or a set of panels – that encloses the shower area, fully or partially, depending on the type of screen and both size and layout of the bathroom. In Australia, the standard shower width and length is around 900mm x 900mm. However, having larger shower sizes at 1000 mm x 1200 mm is also becoming more common. Nevertheless, several factors may affect these dimensions and may not hold true to every homeowner pondering the question, “what size shower screen do I need?”

Continue reading to learn how bathroom size and type of shower screen affect that first choice shower screen that you need.

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Measure the Size of Your Bathroom

To verify the size of your shower screen, it is essential first to know the size of your bathroom. Let’s begin by taking the necessary measurements from wall to wall of your entire bathroom. This way, you can make a rough sketch of your floor plan. Situate all items you prefer to include inside, such as a toilet, vanity, and a bath if you have room. It will let you determine where to position and how much leftover space you have for your shower.

Types of Shower Screens

It can be daunting when it comes to deciding what size shower screen is the best for you. Not only do the height and width make a difference, but do you go for framed or frameless? How about the cost, material, and installation process? To help relieve any confusion on this topic of selecting the right size shower screen, we have listed all there is to know about finding out which one fits your needs.

Framed Shower Screens

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The framed shower screens come in a variety of configurations and door options that are appropriate for all sizes of bathrooms. This type of shower screen includes an aluminum frame, mainly for protection and ease of installation. It may be old-fashioned, but it offers the highest form of sturdiness and robustness among all types. Usually, chrome-framed shower screens could cost a minimum of $220. However, higher quality equates to higher prices, which may be around $500 for a 900mm x 900mm unit.

Frameless Shower Screens

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Frameless shower screens are a great option for those seeking a minimalistic solution because they have no frame at all. It offers a seamless design, often fit for a modern-day bathroom. The glass is secured to the wall and floor with silicone and usually has tight shower screen openings to minimize water leakage between the internal glass panels. As it tops the aesthetic board, it also tops the cost. This type is the most expensive as it ranges from $500-$600 for an 800mm x 600mm unit, while up to $800 for a 1000mm x 1000mm.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

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Semi-frameless shower screens are available in about any size and configuration to meet all needs. They contain both framed sections and frameless sections. Minimal frames, usually found on outer edges, are used for ease of installation, stability, and added durability. Semi-frameless shower screens offer two models: single-panel and two-panel corner models. Shower doors for a 740mm wide single-panel option are roughly $300, while the two-panel corner model might rise to $900 at the same size.

Shower Panels

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Shower panels are a more minimalistic choice. And since they can be cut to any size, so they are perfect for small bathrooms. They are single-paneled, relying on brackets and channels to fix the glass into the wall and floor. For this type of shower screen, you may find different designs aside from the regular rectangle, such as arched and rounded rectangular designs. In Australia, shower panels cost around $200-$500 for a 900 mm rectangular unit.

Bath Screens

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Bath screens are ideal for those who have limited space in the bathroom. They come in varying styles and designs, and can be single-paneled and attached to your bathtub and wall. Or they may be semi-frameless, including a fixed panel with a pivoting door, a single swing door only, or a multi-fold consisting of 2 panels of glass. Bath screen costs range from $200-$700, depending on the designs and size of the unit. Single-paneled tends to be cheaper at 700×1500 mm, while semi-framed bath screens start at $400 for a 1000×1500 mm unit.

How to Maintain Shower Screen

When you’ve finally chosen the perfectly sized shower screen, remember to always keep them looking as good as new. Without proper maintenance, glass shower screens get that cloudy stain build up after continual use. But if they acquire marks called ‘limescale’ or ‘water scaling’ due to repeated evaporation of standing tap water on glass panels, here are five tips for maintaining your shower screen.

  • Wipe after use. Remember to wash off soap suds and foam and wipe with a glass squeegee or wiper after showering. It is to minimize the accumulation of hard water stains that could lead to cloudy build-up.
  • Clean with all-natural organic materials. Using organic cleaning materials is always safe, especially when living with children. Vinegar is a go-to stain-removing agent in a spray bottle. And it is effective to dissolve the hard water stains. If it’s little smelly, essential oils can be an alternative.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools. These tools can create damage, such as scratches on glass panels, reducing clarity on glass panels.
  • Ventilate. Always ensure that your bathroom receives adequate ventilation to keep your shower screen dry to avoid mold growth and mineral deposits.
  • Be consistent. It’s important to regularly clean your shower screen to maintain the clarity of glass panels and avoid possible pathogens that could lead to diseases.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, there are several factors to consider when pondering on “what size shower screen do I need”. Learning how to measure your bathroom size and pick your ideal shower screen type in this article will hopefully lead you to uncover the exact dimensions of the perfect shower screen size you need.

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How big should shower screen be for walk-in shower?

Walk-in showers tend to be more luxurious than regular showers, thus, having bigger sizes. The minimum size should be at least 900mm x 900mm, while the standard walk-in shower size is 1000mm in width and 1800mm in depth.

What are the best shower screens for water retention?

The best option for optimum water retention would be frameless shower screens, which have fewer gaps or crevices where water can escape. However, it’s important to note that other shower screens, such as semi-framed or framed screens, can also effectively contain water when installed correctly.

What size is a standard shower screen in Australia?

The standard shower screen size in Australia is around 900mm x 900mm. However, having larger shower sizes at 1000 mm x 1200 mm is also becoming more common. Nevertheless, it is essential to consider several factors affecting these dimensions, such as shower type, bathroom size and configuration, cost, and intended use.

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