What kind of mirror should I choose for the bathroom

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The mirror is an important part of the room in the home, especially the bathroom. There are many different styles and shapes of mirrors to choose from, but many people will hesitate to choose a mirror, so I will introduce several different styles of bathroom mirrors.

1. Simple frameless bathroom mirror

Simple mirrors are more versatile, suitable for any style of home, but when choosing a mirror, you should consider not only the appearance or function but also the size. In order to create a balanced appearance, the size ratio of the mirror to the bathroom wall should be considered.

A common method is to have a mirror that is exactly the same width as the bathroom cabinet, so the two can match perfectly. Of course, it is much easier to use a custom-made mirror, because it can be tricky to find a bathroom mirror of the perfect size that is a ready-made design.

2. Multiple bathroom mirrors

If you have a wide sink in your bathroom, especially one with multiple basins, you can consider using multiple mirrors or a single long mirror wide enough to maintain two basins.

Using multiple tall and narrow mirrors can make the bathroom look taller, and using a single large mirror can reflect more opposite walls and make the bathroom look bigger.

Even if there is only one wash basin, the use of multiple mirrors is still acceptable. Install the bathroom mirror on the wash basin, and then add a symmetrical bathroom mirror beside the first bathroom mirror. Compared with using a single bathroom mirror, the whole composition can look more balanced.

3. Round bathroom mirror

In addition to rectangular mirrors, bathroom mirrors have many other shapes. For example, a round mirror is one kind, which can bring a soft and relaxing feeling to the bathroom, which usually has many hard surfaces and clear lines.

Round mirrors can be matched with walls of different materials, such as marble, ceramic tiles, and bare walls, and they can also present many different feelings to achieve a more beautiful visual effect.

In modern life, mirrors are indispensable, and bathroom mirrors are even more important. Mirrors are relatively inexpensive things, which have a great impact on the appearance of the bathroom. The round mirror in the bathroom can soften the edge of the bathroom while maintaining the feeling of lighting.

A good mirror not only displays clearly, but also has a long service life, and is not easy to break.

1. Framed and frameless: In terms of ease of use and maintenance, frameless bathroom mirrors are better than framed styles, because the bathroom is often in a humid state, frame materials such as wood and leather are prone to change after being used for a long time; from an aesthetic point of view, framed bathroom mirrors have advantages over frameless mirrors, but they have higher requirements for the moisture-proof quality of the frame material. Pay attention to the coating of the frame when purchasing.

2. Is it necessary to purchase special anti-fog mirrors: Special anti-fog mirrors are expensive and not practical for bathrooms. Generally, there is no need to buy them. High-quality mirrors generally have basic anti-fog and rust-proof functions. If there is too much water vapor in the bathroom, you can buy an anti-fog film and stick it flat on the back of the bathroom mirror; we can also apply detergent or soapy water on the surface of the mirror, which can effectively prevent water vapor from condensing on the surface of the mirror and play an anti-fog role.

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