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Don’t underestimate the shower faucet. You should know that its quality is related to the output of the cold and hot water of the whole shower. In addition to choose a good quality faucet, when installing the faucet, you must choose an appropriate height, so as to better ensure that water flows from the shower faucet. Now let’s introduce the installation of shower faucet how many centimeters from the ground is suitable and what material is good for the faucet.

How many centimeters should the shower faucet be installed from the ground?

1. The height of the mixing valve of the shower faucet from the ground must be determined in advance. Before installing the shower faucet, the first thing is to determine the installation position. The distance between the mixing valve of the shower faucet and the ground is about 90-100 cm. When you decide the height, you should also adjust it according to the height of your family members. But the minimum height can not be less than 110 cm, or it will lead to water can not smoothly enter the shower faucet.

2. Generally speaking, after the shower faucet is installed, the screw thread that must be reserved should be just buried in the ceramic tile on the wall and can be covered with ceramic tile. Otherwise, it will affect the beauty of the shower faucet. Therefore, when laying the water pipe, you should consider the reserved position clearly at this time. The height generally needs to be 15mm higher than the blank wall. Only in this way can the screw thread be buried after the tile is pasted, so as to ensure the beauty and tidiness of the wall.

3. When installing the wall-mounted shower faucet, you should pay attention to that the distance between the hot and cold water pipes should be about 15 cm. Before installation, you need to do a good job of measuring, so that you can use the water pipe to soak the water pipe to avoid damage to the faucet caused by the hard water.

What material is good for the faucet?

1. Iron Faucet: this kind of faucet is easy to rust and it is also difficult to replace and disassemble. Generally, there are some small faucets, so their surface is more difficult to deal with and their appearance is rough; large faucets made of iron are relatively few, and the processing is more difficult.

2. Copper faucet: the interior of copper is relatively rough. You can take a look at the interior of the faucet. At present, copper is more suitable for making faucets.

3. Ceramic Faucet: compared with other faucets, the faucet made of ceramics will not rust, oxidize, and wear easily. It has an elegant appearance.

4. Stainless steel faucet: stainless steel faucet does not contain lead, acid, and alkali resistance, and is not easy to corrode. The hardness and toughness of this product can be more than two times higher than that of the copper faucet, but the hardness, toughness, and cutting processing are more difficult than copper faucets, and the price will be higher.

When installing the shower faucet, it must be installed in the appropriate position, so that it will be more convenient to use. The faucet made of various materials mentioned above can be selected according to your needs.

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