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In the bathroom, the shower room is more and more popular with the owners. Before the decoration, many people want to know the relevant information about the shower room. When we buy the shower room, we often think about the frameless shower door. So, what are the types of shower doors, and what are the characteristics of shower doors?

The shower door is a water curtain installed in the bathroom. Generally, the shower door is made of tempered glass as the main material with other hardware. It has become a fashion to design a simple shower room in the bathroom, and many companies have customized shower doors.

According to different styles, shower doors can be divided into floor type, corner type, arc type, S type, space capsule type, pentagonal type, rectangular type, etc.

1. Rectangular bathroom

The common corner shower door is suitable for a square-shaped bathroom. The corner type can be divided into L type, pentagonal type, arc type, and can be matched with a single door, folding door, and double door design.

2. Long bathroom

The most common flat-shaped shower door is suitable for long bathrooms. The sliding shower door is installed between two walls to distinguish the dry area and the wet area. It looks neat and beautiful. It can be matched with a single door, double door, and triple door design, it is also the least space-occupying shower door.

If you want to keep the dry and wet separation of the bathroom and enjoy the bath at the same time, but space is not enough to make a separate bath room, then the homeowner can also install a shower door directly on the bathtub to achieve the functions of both.

After choosing a shower door suitable for the bathroom, the opening method of the door is also important. A revolving door or a sliding door, which is the best choice?

1. Revolving shower door

The revolving door is hinged, and the way the door opens is swinging. Revolving doors obviously take up more space, so if your bathroom is relatively small, then this type of door may take up too much valuable space.

The revolving door can be part of the frameless shower door because it can be installed with very little hardware. For a real frameless shower door, the hinge is the only hardware required.

In addition to the brilliance of frameless glass, frameless revolving doors are easier to clean. Because there is no uneven metal frame, it helps to reduce the production of mold.

2. Sliding shower door

Sliding doors are the perfect choice for small bathrooms. You can put it in the corner to save more space.

A frameless sliding door generally requires more hardware than a revolving door.  The rest of the shower door is a frame, like a traditional sliding unit, connected with metal sliding channels at the top and bottom.

Since the doors are basically clamped, when they are opened, water can be trapped between them. This creates a humid environment, which can cause mold to grow. In addition, the metal channel can catch the foam of soap and shampoo. However, these narrow passages are difficult to clean.

Whether you choose a revolving shower door or a sliding shower door, you can find the perfect choice.

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