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For most people who do not have the habit of bathing, the bathtub seems to be an unnecessary existence, but the Australian bathroom brand Myhomeware does not think so. Myhomeware’s bathtubs have various shapes. The bathtub has a good heat preservation effect and can keep the water temperature unchanged for a long time, so it is favored by consumers. The bathtub allows users to enjoy the fun of bathing at home, and at the same time, it can also create an elegant atmosphere for the bathroom.

The size of the bathtub is closely related to the size of the bathroom at home. If the bathtub is too small, the user is uncomfortable lying in the bathtub. If the bathtub is too large, the bathroom will become too narrow. Today we’re going to learn about bathtub sizes.

1. The round bathtub

The round bathtub has a special shape and is popular among fashion people. Round bathtubs are generally larger, with common sizes ranging from 1.5m to 1.8m in diameter. Circular bathtub water consumption is relatively large, occupying a large area, most of them are used in villas.

A. Compared with square bathtubs and fan-shaped bathtubs, round bathtubs are not suitable for most modern family bathroom shapes. Round bathtubs are generally larger, and there is no difference in length and width, only a certain depth. The common round bathtubs have diameters ranging from 1.3 meters to 1.9 meters, of which 1.5 meters and 1.8 meters are the majority.

B. The round bathtub is the most common type of bathtub in the market at present. It is not suitable for general bathrooms but mainly used in bathrooms of apartments and villas. If you need the smallest round bathtub, then generally choose 1.3 meters or 1.4 meters in diameter.

The round bathtub is large in size, unique in shape, and very personalized. It is widely sought after by fashion people. Therefore, in villas, the round bathtub is quite popular. The round bathtub consumes a large amount of water and occupies a large area. However, the size of the round bathtub determines that the internal space of the round bathtub is also relatively large, and many people can bathe at the same time.

2. The fan-shaped bathtub

The fan-shaped bathtub is more practical for ordinary families. Due to the limited space of the house, the fan-shaped bathtub is the minimum size of the bathtub, which is a more practical type of bathroom products. Although the general family has some requirements for the quality of life, it will not be too high. The luxury Jacuzzi can be basically excluded. Moreover, the fan-shaped bathtub with the smallest size of the ordinary bathtub is quite good, and the price is within the range of most families Therefore, the fan-shaped bathtub with the smallest size is the best choice.

The shape of the fan-shaped bathtub determines that it is important in the modern bathroom. It is installed in a corner of the bathroom, which saves a lot of space for the bathroom. At present, the common sizes of fan-shaped bathtubs in the market range from 1.4 meters to 1.7 meters in diameter; while the minimum size of ordinary fan-shaped bathtubs can reach 1.2 meters in diameter, which is almost the minimum size of ordinary fan-shaped bathtubs while ensuring practicability; some fan-shaped bathtubs have a diameter of more than 1.7 meters, and the fan-shaped bathtub of this size is only suitable for bathrooms with larger space.

3. The square bathtub

The square bathtub is the most common one at home. There are few square bathtubs, most of them are rectangular. This design is in line with the length of the human body, and the comfort is better. It looks long and takes up a lot of space, but the bathtub of this design is also suitable for many places, and it is most suitable for long and narrow bathrooms. The minimum size of the square bathtub is 1.3 meters long, 0.7 meters wide, and 0.7 meters high is the most common.

When you choose a bathtub, you must consider the size of your bathroom and whether you can adapt to the size of the bathtub you choose. The size of the bathtub is your first consideration. In addition to the size of the bathtub, the comfort, style, shape, and installation position of the bathtub need to be considered.

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