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The bathroom is an indispensable space for home life, and the use of the bathroom brings great convenience to people’s lives. The bathroom basin is a necessary sanitary ware in the bathroom, so what are the common sizes of bathroom basins, and what material is good for the bathroom basin?

What are the sizes of bathroom basins?

1. Common shapes

There are many shapes of bathroom basins. Let’s take a look at the shapes of common bathroom basins. The common shapes of bathroom basins are rectangular, round, fan-shaped, and so on. The size of the rectangular bathroom basin is within the range of 600mm*400mm, 600mm*460mm, 800mm*500mm, and the diameter of the round bathroom basin can be 400mm, 460mm or 600mm.

2. Common sizes

Choosing the right size of the bathroom basin has a great influence on our future use. Of course, the size of the bathroom basin also depends on the size of the bathroom. The size of the smallest bathroom basin on the market is usually 310mm. Other sizes include 360mm*330mm, 600mm*400mm, 800mm*500mm, etc.

3. Height

The height of the bathroom basin is also a point that cannot be ignored. If the bathroom basin is installed too high, it will be inconvenient to use. If it is too low, it will make people feel uncomfortable. Especially for wall hung bathroom basins, the installation height should be 80cm-85cm above the floor. If the height is special, it should be installed according to the user’s specific height.

What materials are good for bathroom basins?

1. Glass

First of all, let’s talk about glass bathroom basins. Glass items often give people a very delicate feeling, and the lines are soft, the texture is unique, and they are very beautiful. However, glass bathroom basins are easily broken and do not withstand high temperatures, so special care should be taken when using them.

Choose a glass bathroom basin, first look at the thickness of the basin. Glass bathroom basins are available in 19mm, 15mm, and 12mm thicknesses. It is best to choose a product with a thickness of 19mm because it can withstand high temperatures.

2. Stainless steel

Products made of stainless steel are very durable and not easy to fade, as is the stainless steel bathroom basin, which is the material of choice for many families. Pairing it with metal fittings can bring out a sense of modernity, but the stainless steel bathroom basin is made of solid materials, and the surface is electroplated, so it is not cheap.

3. Porcelain

Porcelain bathroom basins are used more frequently now, and about 90% of families use them. Moreover, it has many patterns and styles, it is economical, and it is loved by the public. It should be noted that when selecting a ceramic bathroom basin, it is necessary to carefully look at its glaze and water absorption rate. The better the glaze, the less likely it is to be stained.

Ceramic is the most selected material for bathroom basins, and there are many ceramic bathroom basin products on the market. So, how to choose a ceramic basin? Pay attention to the quality of the glaze. When buying ceramic basins, focus on the brightness of the glaze. You can identify the quality by looking, touching, and knocking.

When choosing a bathroom basin, you also need to pay special attention to its appearance and shape. Be sure to choose products that are beautiful and suitable for your home.

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