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Everyone is exposed to the shower when taking a shower every day, but do you know the composition of the shower? There are many components of the shower. Now I will introduce to you which parts the shower is made of.

There are many types of showers on the market, but household showers are nothing more than top shower heads, faucets, shower pipes, shower hoses, hand-held shower heads, lower faucets, and fixed seats.

The composition of the shower-The top shower head

The top shower head is an essential accessory for the shower. The top shower head is divided into a round shape and a square shape. The diameter is generally between 200mm and 250mm. It is composed of a panel, a water outlet, and a universal ball. The material is divided into ABS material, all copper material, stainless steel material, and other alloy materials.

The composition of the shower-The faucet

The most important part of the shower is the faucet. The accessories inside are precise and can control all the water outlet methods of the shower. It is composed of water divider, handles, and the main body. The main body of the faucet is generally made of brass. Now some manufacturers use stainless steel as the main body, but the price is higher. The water divider has a built-in spool. At present, the best material of the spool is ceramics, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life. It can be switched 500,000 times.

The composition of the shower-The shower pipe

The hard pipe connecting the faucet and top shower head is made of copper, stainless steel, and other alloy materials. The current adjustable shower head has a 20 cm to 35 cm adjustable pipe above the shower pipe. Generally, 30 cm above the head is a reasonable bath height. It will not be too low to touch the head. It will not be too high to disperse the water flow.

The composition of the shower-The shower hose

The hose connects the hand-held shower head and faucet. It is composed of stainless steel cladding, inner tube, and connector, which is elastic and stretchable.

The composition of the shower-The hand-held shower head

It can be rinsed by hand. It is more convenient for children and the elderly. The material is made of plastic.

The composition of the shower-The lower faucet

It can be rotated, lean against the wall when not in use, and turned around when used, especially convenient for washing towels, underwear, etc.

The composition of the shower-The fixed seat

To fix the shower.

I hope that the composition of the shower can help you understand some basic knowledge about the shower. Let’s understand the composition of the shower a little bit, and it will be helpful for everyone to use the shower in the future. Especially when there is a problem with the shower, it is easier for everyone to check which part of the shower has a problem.

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