What are the advantages and disadvantages of shower screens

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The shower screen is one of the common sanitary wares in the bathroom. It is often used in a small apartment. Because the shower screen has the function of isolating bathroom space, it can improve the utilization rate of bathroom space, especially for the small bathroom, the shower screen can perfectly separate the bath room and washing room. Although the shower screen occupies less space and is simple to install, it also has some shortcomings. Today I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the shower screen.

1. The shower screen

As modern people pay more and more attention to the experience of home life when decorating their houses, even for small-sized houses, the requirements for room decoration are not low. Taking the bathroom as an example, many people want to decorate a separate bathing space in a small bathroom, so the shower screen came into being under this demand, which makes the bathroom achieve the separation of dry and wet, so that family members can better enjoy the process of bathing.

Generally, the shower screen is decorated in a corner of the bathroom, which has two components. The exterior is glass partition, and the interior is shower and bath equipment. At the bottom, the edge is sealed with waterproof material to ensure that the bathroom is dry and clean. Internal shower equipment includes a waterfall, top spray, back spray, hand-held shower head, and so on. The shower screen is improved from the shower room, but the shower screen abandons the bulky and complicated defects of the shower room and gives people a better bathing enjoyment.

2. The advantages of the shower screen

The advantages of the shower screen are very intuitive, in general, there are four points. One is that the shower screen is an independent bathing space. As we all know, an independent bathing space is very important in the family. If there is no separate shower room, the bathroom will definitely be stained with water after showering. The second is that the shower screen saves a lot of space, which can be more advantageous in a small-sized family. A full-featured shower room can be built in a corner, which is really exciting.

In addition to the advantages of space, the shower screen has practical advantages. The third advantage is that the shower screen is fully functional, not only has various types of showers but also has a temperature display. Compared with ordinary showers, the shower screen greatly improves the family’s bathing experience. The last advantage of the shower screen is thermal insulation, especially in cold winter, the shower screen can ensure that the heat will not be lost, and the enclosed and independent bathing space makes people more comfortable.

3. The disadvantages of the shower screen

Since we are talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the shower screen, we can’t just mention the advantages of the shower screen. Now I will talk about the disadvantages of the shower screen. Firstly, troublesome maintenance and renovation are some of the disadvantages of the shower screen. Once the shower screen has a problem with the water outlet system, the maintenance and renovation will be very troublesome, because the external glass door of the shower screen must be removed first, and then the internal shower system should be repaired. This is not only troublesome but also the cost of the repairs is relatively high. In addition to the troublesome maintenance, part of the shower screen components can not be repaired is also one of its shortcomings, because the shower screen components include adhesive strips, plastic parts, and hardware, etc., these parts can only be replaced with new components.

In general, when you buy a shower screen, you must choose a shower screen with a big brand and a good reputation. In this way, even if there is a problem with the shower screen, the after-sales maintenance of the shower screen in large factories will be much better.

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