10 Best Walk-in Shower Tiling Ideas to Style Boring Bathrooms

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There is a saying that bathrooms give the initial impression of the homeowners to their guests. While this may not always be true, transforming your boring bathrooms is not a bad idea at all. So if organizing your bathroom essentials does not satisfy you yet, maybe you just need to look around and come up with a bright idea for designing your walls and floors. Ready your eyes and car keys as this article brings you the best walk-in shower tile ideas to make your bathrooms fresh and fancy!

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Ideas for Out Walk-in Shower Tile

Listed below are 10 amazing ideas to help you pick the right tiling combos for your bathrooms.

Marble Tiles

Tiles come in various base materials and sizes. For bathrooms in general, you can never go wrong with marble tiles as it displays a perfect mix of simplicity and elegance. If you happen to have a small space, one of the preferred walk-in shower ideas for small bathrooms is to stick to large marble tiles. This will make your small bathroom area appear much larger or spacious.

marble tiles

White and Gold Combi

If you think marble is not for you, an alternative is to class up your bathroom with a white and gold tile combination. This is one of those walk in shower tiling ideas that can easily convince homeowners because it is pretty neat to look at while also giving that luxurious vibe. This option is great for both small and large bathrooms so you don’t have to worry about considering your bathroom’s dimensions.

white and gold tiles

Get Creative with Mosaic Tiles

Installing mosaic tiles for your bathroom is a creative way to make the best of your bathroom renovation. They can be put simply, covering your walls and floors, or arranging each of its little pieces to form an intricate pattern best suited for your walls. The smaller the size of the tile, the longer it would take to finish the work but it sure is worth it! In addition, if you are the type that does not want to maintain the spotlessness of classic white tiles, this is for you. Just make sure to choose darker color gradients.

mosaic tiles

Go Green

You have probably been into a white- or blue-tiled bathroom more than you have ever been into a green or emerald-themed bathroom. But this only proves that deciding how to tile a walk-in shower opens many opportunities to try something daring. Well, installing green tiles won’t disappoint because it adds bold freshness, a healthy touch, and a modern look to your shower area. If adding plants is too much work for you, these tiles will keep you close to nature, at least color-wise.

green tiles

Faux Wood Tiles + Pebbled Tiles

When talking about bathroom walk in shower tile ideas, choices are not limited to the usual flat and smooth style and surface. You can take inspiration from pebbled tiles and pair them with wood-inspired tile flooring to give you that sauna-like experience. It is also an advantage should you want to use it for tiling a walk in shower floor because it reduces slipperiness and offers you a subtle foot massage. They are relatively cheaper than marble and granite too!

faux wood tiles and pebbled tiles

Patterned Floor Tiles

Don’t leave your bathroom floors bare. For a walk in shower tile floor, it would be wise to use patterned floor tile if you want to make it pop and give a unique perspective. To ace this walk in tiled shower idea, you can add one or two more neutral types of tiles for the walls. This combination is a gem with regards to small walk-in tile ideas that works big wonders. Mix and match isn’t just a wardrobe thing!

patterned floor tile

Floor-to-Ceiling Extravaganza

Although big bathrooms require much effort for maintenance, it gives you more space to experiment with large walk in shower tile ideas. An example is to settle with a floor-to-ceiling motif. It visually separates the walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom areas. Moreover, it saves you from carefully painting or putting grout in such areas.

floor to ceiling tiles

Never Wrong with Chevron

To tile walk in showers, tile placement can either make or break your bathroom makeover plans. A safe way to achieve a classy walk-in shower look is to install chevron tiles. These are tiles laid in repeating W patterns from up to the bottom of the walls. Sometimes, the classic ways remain a sight to see!

chevron tiles

Huzzah for Terrazzo Tiles

If you like the idea of a vintage look, you can always lay out what is described to be a “midcentury darling”, the terrazzo tiles. It is one of the great tile shower ideas for small bathrooms you can bet on. It is made with shards of colored tile and concrete which will pull off a retro kick for your bathrooms.

terrazzo tiles

Black and Gray Tiles

How the shower areas are built has this funny way of making us feel emotions. If you want to set a moody, relaxing atmosphere for your walk-in showers, do not think twice about investing in black and/or gray tiles. It also never fails to give that sophisticated statement for bathrooms big or small.

black and gray tiles

Tips for Choosing Out Walk-in Shower Tile

Now that you have a few big or small walk in shower tile ideas for inspiration, here are five tips to consider before installation.

1. Choose the tile material first before deciding on the pattern and design of your tiles. This is to make sure that it works well with your preferred design and fits within your bathroom’s theme.

2. Consider durability when selecting tiles for walk-in showers as these areas are highly prone to wear and tear due to water exposure.

3. Invest in professional help because they know how to lay out the tiling properly without compromising aesthetics.

4. Before beginning any tiling project, it would be best to get measurements right so you can get the exact number of tiles needed for your walk-in shower.

5. Make sure to use non-slip floor tile for your walk-in shower floors to prevent accidents from occurring.


A well-built and properly maintained tiled walk-in shower is reliable for daily use. It is a long-term investment you should not deprive yourself of. There are many walk-in shower tile ideas scattered on the internet that you can try. You just have to make sure that every tile agrees with the other and shower your worries away. Be bold, creative, daring, and inspired. Nothing beats a bathroom that is well thought of.


What is the best flooring material for a walk-in shower?

Ceramic tiles are the most popular material for walk-in shower floors because they are strong, waterproof, and easy to clean and maintain. Besides, they come in all styles, shapes, and sizes with great durability and traffic tolerance. And, you don’t need to worry about moisture and mold due to taking showers because it resists moisture, so it’s perfect for wet environments like bathrooms.

What is the average cost of a tiled walk-in shower?

A tiled walk-in shower’s price will vary depending on its size, amenities, and material selection. Tilers will likely ask for anywhere from $75 to $120 per square meter. The average cost of tiles ranges from $30-$55 per square meter. So a medium-sized bathroom can cost around $1,200 to $2,000.

How much does a tiled walk-in shower cost?

The size, material, and quality of the tiles determine their price. Wall tiles may also cost differently from floor tiles of the same material. According to the Housing Industry Association in Australia, the average renovation cost of a bathroom is around $17,500 with the lower end at $5,000 and $25,000 at the higher end depending on your proposed walk-in shower tile ideas.

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