Turn Back the Clock with these 4 Vintage Bathroom Ideas

Vintage style bathroom ideas
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Vintage and retro bathrooms are making a huge comeback in recent years, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot more people looking for vintage bathroom ideas. From which colour palette to choose to what sort of feature elements you should invest in, we’re able to provide the answers you’re looking for! Read on to find out!

Vintage Colours

What sort of colours embrace the nostalgic feeling of old school, vintage bathrooms? They might seem outdated but interesting, unique colours such as avocado green, pink and orange can still look stylish – when done tastefully. The key to using these colours well is using it sparingly. Examples include a single accent wall featuring one of these colours, or investing in an avocado green vanity or a pink basin. When coupled with modern colours such as white or grey, you get a stylistic bathroom which still has that vintage feel.


Vintage Accents

By adding vintage accents here and there, you can really add to the classic feel of your home’s bathroom. One great example of this are wooden framed mirrors – the natural wood enhances feelings of class and nostalgia, as well as making your bathroom feel more rustic. Other vintage aesthetics  you can look into are touches of gold (such as gold bathtub legs), bathroom artwork or antique decorations such as figures or small sculptures.

Vintage Fixtures

To make your bathroom truly feel like a blast in the past, consider adding some vintage fixtures! Picking up some classic pieces are a great way to heighten the rustic feeling of your bathtub and they don’t have to be antique in terms of quality either. Great fixtures that contribute to vintage bathroom designs are pedestal sinks and basins, classic brass pillar tubs and towel rails, and bathtubs. Decor items such as patterned window curtains or basin skirts are other fantastic vintage bathroom ideas.


Vintage Wallpapers

Last on our list of vintage bathroom ideas are vintage wallpapers. Vintage style wallpapers genuinely embrace a bygone era – there’s not a lot of modern bathrooms which feature wallpapers. Patterned wallpapers such as stripes or spots are one such example. Another are wallpapers which feature floral patterns. Just be aware that vintage inspired bathroom wallpapers need to be purchased at extra length as they are susceptible to water damage.

4 Great Vintage Bathroom Ideas to Capture that Old Feeling

Want to experience that nostalgic feeling every time you step into your bathroom? These 4 vintage bathroom ideas are the best way to create a great looking space that soothes those with old souls. To buy some of the products mentioned in the article, check out the incredible range at MyHomeware! And for more blogs like this one, be sure to visit the MyHomeware blog today.

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