Victorian Bathroom Ideas to Spice Up your Bathroom

Victorian Bathroom ideas
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Looking for ways to add a Victorian vibe to your bathroom space but not sure how? Follow these Victorian bathroom ideas to spice it up and have your guests in awe. 

Victorian Bathroom Ideas and History

The Victorian bathroom all came together in the late 1800s. The Victorian period was named after Queen Victoria, which gave rise to a style that continues to grow in popularity. Victorian bathrooms are elegant, using rich, dark, and bold colours to add pops of colours and draw your attention to accent pieces. Incorporating traditional tapware and antique furniture to give more of this design style.

Freestanding Bath

The first of our Victorian bathroom ideas is to have a free-standing bathtub as a centrepiece for your design. A free-standing tub is a bath not attached to a wall and sits on the bathroom floor. They often serve as a focal point when you enter the bathroom. Select a bathtub with traditional tapware and slippered feet to add more of this period style to your bathroom.

Not only are free-standing baths a staple for a Victorian bathroom design, but they also add luxury to your bathroom. This is from the gold tones to the classic clawfoot design of the bathtub. 

 Victorian Bathroom ideas

Free-standing bathtubs scream Victorian! They come in various styles and sizes to suit your needs!

Victorian Vanity Unit

There is no better way to work traditional Victorian bathroom ideas into your home than with a dose of antique furniture.

Finding simple drawers with gorgeous marble tops is easy and cost-efficient. Opting for a vanity stand with sleek metal legs honours the Victorian design and is also ideal for smaller bathrooms. They give the appearance of airy open space to base the rest of the bathroom scheme. 

Shutter Window Treatments

When styling your bathroom, do not forget your windows, as they will tie in with your bathroom altogether. 

Shutters are the top pick to get that classic and timeless appeal. This is because they hold their shape and enhances the window’s aesthetic. Shutters give the same elegance as the Victorian era. 

 Victorian Bathroom ideas

Shutters are perfect for basically all bathroom designs!

Victorian Bathroom Tile Ideas

If there is one way to add a Victorian charm to your bathroom, it is with patterned tiles. Victorian tiles are laid with connecting designs and grouping four tiles to create a quadrant. 

Geometric and subway tiles were used during the 1880s. These floor tiles are still a great way to restore Victorian charm to a contemporary home. 

 Victorian Bathroom ideas

What else is Victorian other than patterned tiles?

Brass Bathroom Hardware

Brass and gold scream a Victorian bathroom. Finding brass hardware for the shower, tap, and light fixtures is the perfect way to add Victorian style, if you can coordinate other metals in the room the better. By doing so, you have saved yourself from hunting for antiques. 

Be a Style Genius!

The Victorian-style bathroom continues to rise in popularity, and you can incorporate some of these Victorian bathroom ideas to spice up your space. For more style guides, check out our blog page!

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