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Is it hard for you to keep your bathroom organized? When it comes to finding storage space, it’s easy to neglect what’s under the sink. Creating the under bathroom sink storage ideas can help maximize the usually forgotten area and make room for all your toiletries, towels, and cleaning supplies. There are plenty of options that make use of vertical real estate and keep things neat and tidy beneath the fixtures. Let’s see the under sink storage ideas to take advantage of this small but mighty area and get creative with your bathroom organization!

under bathroom sink storage ideas

Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

There are plenty of ways to maximize the space beneath your sink, no matter how much or how little you have. Here are some ideas for under sink storage ideas- choose one for your bathroom!

Over-the-Door Organizers

Over-the-door organizers are a great way to store items in the space beneath your sink, they can even be used to hang a hair dryer. If you want to use it for smaller items like cotton swabs and toothbrushes, choose a bathroon sink organizer with pockets.

over the door organizers

U-Shaped Slide-Out Shelves

U-shaped slide-out shelves are great for making the most of your undersink bathroom storage. They can fit perfectly in a corner and create an easy slide-out shelf that prevents items from getting lost beneath your fixtures. Choose a shelving unit with adjustable height to get even more storage out of this area.

u shaped slide out shelves

Expandable Under-Sink Shelves

Maximize the unused, vertical space beneath the basins with expandable under-sink shelves. Not only will these add much-needed storage capacity to any bathroom, but they are also quick and easy to install! They can be easily adjusted to fit the size of any sink and provide extra storage for items that don’t usually fit in other organizers. Choose an expandable shelf with adjustable levels to maximize your organization options.

expandable under sink shelves

Tension Rods

Tension rods are an easy and inexpensive way to make the most of your bathroom storage. Place a tension rod under your sink and use it to hang towels, cleaning supplies, or any other items you want to keep organized. This is also a great way to store extra spray bottles!

tension rods

Layered Sliding Shelves

Layered sliding shelves can slide back and forth to allow you access to items stored beneath your sink. Choose stacked sliding shelves with adjustable heights so you can customize the size of each shelf for different under sink pull out storage needs. As a general rule, put lighter items that you use frequently at the top, and heavier items that you’re less likely to seek out on a daily basis at the bottom.

layered sliding shelves

Magnetic Strips

If you have metal items that often get lost in the clutter beneath your sink, try using a magnetic strip. This can help organize things like tweezers, scissors, and other small objects so they’re always at arm’s reach. Choose a strong adhesive so the strip stays firmly attached to the wall or bathroom under sink cabinet.

magnetic strips

Lazy Susans

Maximize your under-bathroom sink storage space with a stylish and organized lazy Susan! It can be easily rotated so you can access items from any angle and provides extra storage for those hard-to-reach corners beneath the fixtures. Choose one big or two small lazy Susans to fit your bathroom organization needs.

lazy susans

Message Board

Keep up with your tasks and reminders with an easy-to-install message board! This can help keep you organized and on top of your to-do list. Choose a waterproof option so it doesn’t get ruined by humidity or spill beneath the sink. Just put it on your sink cabinet bathroom door and you’re all set!

message board

Stackable Containers

If you’re looking for an effective way to keep your bathroom items in check, stackable containers are the perfect solution. Choose containers with labels so you can easily find what you need when it’s time to clean up. Choose stackable containers with lids for added protection against moisture.

stackable containers

Refrigerator Wine Bins

This is one of the most creative DIY under bathroom sink storage ideas that you can try. Refrigerator wine bins are perfect for storing items like shampoo and conditioner bottles that would otherwise take up precious space on the countertop. Choose a bin with compartments so you can easily separate different items and keep them neatly organized.

wine basins

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are great for creating order in any bathroom drawer. Choose ones with adjustable heights to create compartments that perfectly fit your items. The under sink drawer dividers also keep items from sliding around the drawer and creating a bigger mess.

drawer dividers

Divided Open or Closed Storage Boxes

Keep your items organized with multiple easy-to-use storage boxes. Choose ones that fit perfectly beneath your sink and can be easily reached when needed. You can store everything from cleaning supplies to grooming tools, keeping them in one place for easy access.

divided open and closed storage boxes

Bathroom Under Sink Organization Starter Kit

For a quick and easy solution, check out bathroom under sink organization starter kits. These sets usually come with everything you need to get your storage organized like hangers, hooks, and bins. This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time setting up shelves or drawers.


Under-the-Sink Rolls

Annoying to find garbage bags from the bathroom sink with cabinets? Under-the-sink rolls are the answer! Choose a roll that is designed to fit beneath your sink. Not only does it make garbage disposal convenient, but it also helps keep your bathroom tidy and organized.

under the sink rolls

Air-Tight Containers

Keep your items fresh and prevent odor from leaking out with air-tight containers. They’re perfect for storing items like cleaners, sponges, and brushes that can easily get smelly and gross if not stored properly. Choose a container with a lid to keep the contents sealed away from wetness or humidity.

air tight containers


Organizing your bathroom sink cabinet can be a daunting task, but with the right organization tools and tips, you can achieve an orderly bathroom in no time. With these easy-to-implement under bathroom sink storage ideas, you’ll be able to maximize your under-sink space and keep your items organized on a daily basis.

FAQ about Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

What Do People Store Under the Bathroom Sink?

People often store items such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and grooming tools under their bathroom sinks. Some also use it for extra storage for items that don’t fit in the cabinets or elsewhere in the bathroom, such as extra towels or linens.

Is it OK to Store Things Under Sink?

Yes, it is okay to store things under the sink. You can use the under sink organiser for items. Just make sure to choose an organizer that is waterproof and can fit the items you need to store. Additionally, it’s important to clean underneath the sink every once in a while to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

How Do I Maximize Storage Under My Bathroom Sink?

To maximize storage under your bathroom sink, you can use stackable containers, refrigerator wine bins, drawer dividers, storage boxes, vertical divider shelves, and air-tight containers. Additionally, an under-the-sink roll can help keep garbage bags accessible without taking up too much space. Finally, be sure to label each container so you know what items are stored where. Choose one that fits your needs and keeps your items neat and organized.

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