5 Types of Taps: How to Pick the Right One For You

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Tapware seems like such a small part of your bathroom but they make a big difference in its overall appearance and functionality. Whether you go for the classic pillar taps or the sleek look of ball type taps, the type of taps you choose can greatly change the way your sink and basin looks. In this article we take a closer look at the different types of taps that are available for you to choose. We’ll also show you how to pick the right one for your bathroom!

5 Types of Taps

Pillar Taps

For those seeking a more vintage and classic look for their bathroom, pillar taps are the way to go. Commonly found in older homes, pillar taps feature two separate handles, one for cold water and one for hot water, with each coming out of its own spout.

Monobloc Mixers Taps

Monobloc mixer taps are perhaps the most common type of taps found in Australian homes. They are called as such because they mix both hot water and cold water, and distribute it out of a single tap. Most monobloc mixer taps can either feature a single handle or two handles used to control the flow and temperature of the water.


Single Lever Mixer Taps

Single lever mixer taps are a subset of monobloc mixers. They feature a single lever with a ceramic disc to control temperature and flow. They’re a popular choice for many modern homes because they’re easy to use, install and cater for both low and high water pressure.


Ball Mixer Taps

Like single lever mixers, ball levers feature a singular handle to control water flow and temperature. The difference is that the handle is ball-shaped rather than a lever or basic handle. While bal taps are visually pleasing and minimalistic, a major drawback is that they tend to leak quite often.

Compression Washer Taps

Compression washer taps feature handles that need to be twisted which in turn twists the washer inside. By doing so, the washer directly dictates how much water is released out of the spout. Washer taps however, usually need to be replaced often. This is because leaks are more likely to happen as the washer wears out over time.


How to pick the right type of taps for your home

When choosing which tap to buy for your sink always think about function before style. Which type of tap is going to be more suitable for your sink or basin? Small sinks don’t have a lot of space to build on so pillar taps with dual spouts might not be too suitable. Alternatively, if you have the space for it, retractable taps and water filter taps can be great additions to your bathroom.

You should also consider your budget when it comes to tapware. How much can you afford to spend? Can you guarantee you’re spending your money on high quality products? To answer that question, you should get in contact with the team at MyHomeware!
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