5 Different Types of Showers to Help You Shower Your Way

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Showers are an essential part of daily living and the preferred method of washing up for many. Whether it’s 30 mins of relaxation in a hot shower, or the cold 3 min power shower, showers are one of the most private and personal spaces in the home. But did you know that there are many different types of showers? Showers can come in many different forms. From the way they’re built and designed, to the showerhead installed on them. But which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll go over 5 different types of showers and find out what makes them unique and interesting!


Bathtub & Shower Combo

For those who enjoy having multiple options, bathtub and shower combos allow for the best of both worlds. Bathtub and shower combos are popular options because of their versatility and can be easily installed. This can be as simple as installing a secondary faucet and a shower curtain or screen, or attaching a detachable handheld showerhead onto the bathtub’s tap.

Prefabricated Shower

Prefabricated (or prefab) showers are pre-made kits usually made out of acrylic or fibreglass. They are made to be simply ‘dropped’ into a bathroom alcove. Because they are ready made by suppliers, custom styles are limited but they are very budget friendly and incredibly easy to install. This makes them ideal choices for those on a budget or short construction timelines.


Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers are named as such because they do not have the ‘curb’ that standard showers have. This allows you to simply walk in to it. They are minimalistic and sleek, and are very accessible for disabled people or the elderly. It is important however, to ensure that your bathroom flooring is waterproof because water will flow outside the shower pan.


Waterfall Showers

Equipped with waterfall shower heads, waterfall showers simulate the feeling of standing under rainfall. With wide diameters and an increased flow of water, waterfall showers are relaxing and soothing, making your shower experience more enjoyable, turning them almost into hot springs or onsens. However, they use large amounts of water which may not be suitable for budget conscious homeowners in drought-prone areas.

Smart Showers

Featuring innovative fixtures and high-tech fittings, smart showers are the most customisable showers on the market. Some of their smart features include thermostats with presets and setting storages, control panels which adjust water flow rate and temperature, and speakers for music playback. Smart showers come at an extra cost but for those looking for the most personalisation, they are the best options.

Pick your preferred choice out of these different types of showers

These 5 different types of showers are just the beginning. There’s a lot more variations for you to pick from! You can find all of them and more at MyHomeware, Australia’s largest collection of shower fittings and fixtures. Shower the way you want with MyHomeware today!

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