6 Types of Shower Heads That Would Change Your Bathing Experience

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A bathroom is not only a place for bathing; it is a place where one washes their stress, in other words, a spot where one can relax. Given this, having a bathroom that lets you feel that level of relaxation is essential, and to have that, you need a good design and, of course, good bathing essentials.

In designing one’s bathroom, several decisions need to be made. One of the most important decisions you need to call is choosing the shower head. Now, is it necessary to know the different types of shower heads? Of course, these shower heads, though they may seem insignificant, actually plays a big role in your bathing experience; after all, the water will pass through them.

There are lots of types of shower head attachments you can choose from. If you want to know the different types of shower heads and the one that would be best for you, continue reading below.

types of shower heads

6 Types of Shower Heads

Shower heads are not all the same; they are different from each other. These differences could determine what will be the best types of shower heads for you. Whether you want something which gives a massage-like pressure or one with an adjustable shower pattern, you can find them below.

1. Wall Mounted Shower Heads/ Fixed Shower Heads

wall mounted shower head

Perhaps the most familiar one on this list. A wall-mounted shower head is a kind of fixed shower head. Known for their ergonomic quality, wall mounted shower heads are some of the sought-after types of shower head attachments in the market. After all, its kind is not only budget-friendly but maintenance friendly too.

Though a wall mounted shower head or fixed shower head appeals simply, it can be as luxurious as you want. You just need to look online for one with multi-function, which will allow you to change and adjust the spray depending on your mood.

2. Filtered Shower Heads

different types of shower heads

Not all areas have the same quality of water. The water quality in your previous home could be different now. It is good if it is better, but what if it is not? The water quality problem is not new to Australia, and if you are worried about the water quality of your new place, you can always use a filtered shower head. These shower heads can remove mineral deposits and impurities from your water, making them better suited for your skin and hair.

3. Rain Shower Heads

rain shower heads

If you often visit spas and resorts, then you probably came across their luxurious and relaxing bathrooms, and shower roses. And if this is the case, you surely want to have that same experience in the comfort of your home. Now you can easily have it through a rain showerhead. This shower head attachment can provide you with that luxurious bathroom experience you had, just look at the 250 mm 10-inch Solid Brass Matt Black Square LED Rainfall shower head of MyHomeware, and you will surely imagine the luxury touching your skin.

However, before having it, you should be ready to fork more. A rain shower head is not attached to the wall like the first one but rather to the ceiling; hence, there could be some renovation required to adjust and relocate your plumbing.

4. Water-saving Shower Heads

If you are living in Australia, then you know how scarce water is. Given this fact and coupled with the dry Australian climate, your water bill is probably soaring as people compete for a limited resource. You don’t need to be an expert to say that water is finite. And if you are looking to help the environment while lowering your water consumption, you might want to have a water-saving shower head. These water-saving shower heads draw less water than traditional fixtures, yet still provide adequate pressure and a steady stream, allowing you to enjoy a fulfilling shower without sacrificing quality.

5. Bar Mount Shower Heads

types of handheld shower heads

Bar mount shower heads give the same vibe as wall-mount shower heads. They are also attached to a wall, but because of the bar, they can be a little higher, which is best if you are really tall. This type usually comes with different types of handheld shower heads. One of the many examples of this type is the Square Chrome Shower Rail with handheld shower set wall mounted from MyHomeware.

6. High-pressure Shower Heads

types of shower head fittings

High-pressure shower heads are an excellent selection for those who crave a powerful and effective shower experience. These types of shower heads offer a more intense water output than traditional shower heads, using air infusion technology which produces an invigorating spray pattern. High-pressure shower heads further enhance this increased performance by introducing a focused stream and pulsing massage action that quickly washes away soap residue and leaves you feeling refreshed. The steady stream of aerated water is perfect for those looking to soothe tired and sore muscles while simultaneously helping conserve water usage.


The different types of shower heads can make a difference in your bathing experience. It might be a small detail, but in the name of relaxation, you should care for it. There are lots of available shower head attachments available in the market but do not choose something just because it’s beautiful or cheap; instead, go for those that will be best for your place, budget, and needs.

FAQ about Types of Shower Heads

How do I know which shower head to buy?

Not all shower heads are the same. So, when buying, check for the one which is within your budget, one that answers your needs, and one that suits your place. You also need to consider its size, arc, angle of the shower arm, types of shower head fittings, and the headroom that exists above the pipe.

Can I just replace my shower head?

Yes, changing a shower head is not that difficult. You can do it on your own, and if you are not sure, there are lots of guides that you can find on the internet.

How often should you change your shower head?

Shower heads are not permanent; hence you need to change them in fixed intervals of 6 to 8 months. This means that you need to change your showerhead a maximum of twice a year.

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