4 Types of Kitchen Taps

Types of Kitchen Taps
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Combat that dreaded feeling you get when entering a kitchen that is not catered to you. There are different types of kitchen taps in the market, and this article goes through different types of kitchen taps that will suit your needs!

Different Types of Kitchen Taps

Before you go looking for kitchen tapware, you need to know what to look for. Modern tapware is available in various types, styles, designs, and finish options. As such, you will need to choose the right tapware based on your kitchen’s layout, style, and usage requirements.  

Mixer Taps

These types of kitchen taps are also known as single-lever mixer taps, and these taps are the most common tap that you will see in households. These are the taps where you have one handle that controls and separates hot and cold water, which comes out from one single spout. 

There are three benefits of kitchen mixer taps, the first is that they are available in different styles. This allows you to choose the best one that suits your kitchen sink.

The second is that they are cost-effective. Rather than having separate taps for different temperatures, mixer systems feature only one tap, providing both hot and cold water at the same time. 

And lastly, they are easy to use. Mixer taps are easy to use, this is because you can manage the temperature and water pressure with a flick of your wrist. 

Types of Kitchen Taps

Mixer taps are so easy to use no wonder they are so common in households! 

High-spout taps

High-spout taps have always been the most popular type of tapware. They are also known as single-lever taps. They have a unique design of a long swan shape, which gives some distance away from the base of the tap. This allows easy access to prepare and clean bigger kitchenware. 

These types of kitchen taps can cater to all kitchen styles as they feature a simple, minimalist design, Or, geometric and odd shapes. If you are looking for a specific design of kitchen sink taps, then high spout taps come in a variety of shapes and colours to suit your needs. 

Types of Kitchen Taps

The elegant look of high spout taps will add style and make cleaning larger dishware a breeze!

Wall-mounted taps

Wall-mounted taps are making their way into kitchens! These taps are installed on the walls above the kitchen sink. This design frees up a lot of space, allowing better access to complete your kitchen duties.

Many people choose these types of kitchen taps because of their clean appearance. This is because they offer a clutter-free look that is both modern and practical. 

Pull-out taps

Pull-out taps are on the rise for many households for their functionality. These taps feature a retractable spout, which can be pulled out from the base of the tap. This unique design is functional and easy to use. They are great for use in kitchens with a small sink where there is not enough room for large dishware. 

Types of Kitchen Taps

A pull-out tap provides a wide range of motion to make fulfilling your kitchen duties easier!

A Functional Kitchen Starts With A Tap!

Without functioning kitchen appliances that do not suit your needs, it will make the room unappealing and you will have that dreaded feeling of using it. Create a functioning yet aesthetic kitchen with these types of kitchen taps! For more product ideas check out our blog page

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