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Bathtubs are one of the most notable pieces of the bathroom. And while most will argue that they don’t need a bathroom, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who will say no to a nice tub. There are many types of bathtubs for you to pick from with a whole heap of different materials and designs available. In this article, we take a look at the different types of bathtubs and help you pick the right one for you!

Types of bathtub materials

Most bathtubs are made with 4 types of materials: fibreglass, acrylic, steel and cast polymer.

Fibreglass bathtubs

Fibreglass is known for its low cost and easy maintenance. However, their low price comes at the cost of lower durability, with fibreglass bathtubs being prone to cracks and scrapes.

Acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs are the most common kind and come in a wide range of prices. They’re durable and sturdy, much more so than their fibreglass counterparts.

Cast iron or steel bathtubs

Steel and cast iron tubs are perhaps the least commonly available material but if you can manage to find one, you’ll have a super resistant and sturdy bathtub that will last a long time.

Solid surface bathtubs

The most expensive material of the bunch, solid surface bathtubs can come in a range of materials such as marble, graphite or stone. These bathtubs are incredibly durable and are very aesthetically pleasing.

Types of bathtubs



Freestanding bathtubs are a luxurious choice for any bathroom. They feature a finish on all slides and have a wide variety of designs and details. The unique design and ‘solo’ nature of freestanding tubs make them great bathroom centrepieces. Things to consider when buying a freestanding bath are its large space requirements and greater cost.



Alcoves are very common types of bathtubs and feature a tub that fits precisely within a three-sided enclosure. This makes it a fantastic choice for small bathrooms. Alcove bathtubs are also very cost-effective, ideal for those doing bathroom renovations on a budget.



Corner bathtubs are exactly what they sound like – bathtubs that fit directly into the corner of your bathroom. They usually come in triangular shapes and require large amounts of space (and money!). Corner tubs are all about relaxation, fun and luxury. Many of them come fitted with jets, whirlpools and bubble features.



Drop-in bathtubs, also known as island tubs,  are shells which are directly built into a hub or deck. Because of this, they usually require more installation work, with the help of plumbers and builders to create both the tub and the deck. The deck of drop-in tubs also provide space to put shampoo bottles, soap or decorations on.


Shower & Bath Combo

Shower and bath combos place two essential bathroom elements into one convenient place. These combos are very popular – especially with small bathrooms – because of their ability to maximise space and save costs.

Find the right bathtub for your space

Because there’s so much variety when it comes to bathtubs, there will always be a perfect bathtub for your bathroom. Be sure to consider the space requirements, costs and installation time when picking. To find one of these different types of bathtubs at a competitive price, check out our bathtub range at MyHomeware today!

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