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The type of shower is an important factor to take into account because each of them provides different functionality and user experience. For today, you’ll learn the different shower types and how to choose the right one for you! So without further ado, let’s begin…


Considerations for Choosing a Type of Shower

Before we tell you how to choose the perfect type of shower head that fits your special needs and unique preferences, let’s be clear first the considerations in choosing the right shower bath, which include the following:

Water System

First and foremost, you need to be aware of the water system installed in your home. In Australia, for example, each household there have three common types of water systems to choose from such as:

  • Combination Boiler – this type of water system produces both cold and hot water through the same system, which makes them highly efficient.
  • Gravity Feed – it uses a supply tank to deliver water and a hot cylinder to boil water. Its main disadvantage, however, is that it generates very low water pressure.
  • Unvented – the unvented water system lacks a cold water tank. It has an unvented hot water system that goes through the main cold water system.

Water Pressure

You now have to know the level of water pressure in your household once you have already identified what your water system is. Determining the water pressure in your home is relatively easy because you only have to observe two things which are whether the water system produces high water pressure or low water pressure.

Bathroom Style

Once the issues with the water system are addressed, you can now begin the fun part of the process, which is deciding the style of your bathroom which may include contemporary designs with clean lines and simple shapes, or a traditional bathroom with vintage valves and ceramic leavers. But as enjoyable as they may seem, it is still an important aspect that requires your careful attention so there wouldn’t be any regrets afterward.

Shower Fixture

You also have to consider the types of shower drains, shower heads or other fixtures you are going to install in your bathroom. It doesn’t really matter which one to choose, and it will all depend on your preferences and the size of your bathroom. However, your choices for a shower fixture should take into account your water system and pipelines.

How to Choose Different Types of Showers

Now that you know all the considerations that should be taken into account, next let’s see the type of shower that we can choose from so that you can find the best fixture for your bathroom.

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Eco Shower

Eco showers are a popular option in many average households across the globe because it is highly efficient. It uses a technology that regulates water consumption without affecting water pressure. In fact, it is shown that 50% of water can be saved when using an Eco shower rather than the traditional ones.

Electric Shower

Electric showers are the regular shower fixture installed in a modern home because they are easy to operate and affordable—both in the actual price and installation cost. In addition, they are a lot easier and less costly to maintain.

Power Shower

Power showers are a direct contrast to eco showers. The fixture uses as much water as possible under high pressure when you turn up the dial. But the great thing about power showers is that they work perfectly in homes with low water pressure. So it’s not advised to use them at high-pressure homes.

Mixer Shower

When you decide to install a mixer shower, you’ll benefit from a set of showerheads—handheld showerheads and fixed showerheads. Another advantage of a mixer showerhead is that the cold and hot water comes from the same water tank, which boosts the flow of water to an outlet.

Digital Shower

A digital shower can be any of the shower types explained in the previous section. The only difference is that instead of a dial knob, it uses a digital LCD screen that gives you an accurate reading of the water temperature and the like. However, the digital shower is expensive when it comes to the actual prices of the materials needed and installation costs. Also, it needs regular maintenance to avoid water damage over time.

How to Choose in Types of Shower Heads

Aside from the shower setup, shower heads are also common fixtures that we often need to consider. And similar to the type of shower, you will also find varieties of showerheads on the market. Below lists some popular shower heads that you can try to satisfy your preferences and match your bathroom’s aesthetics.


Fixed Showerheads

As the name suggests, these types of showerheads are fixedly mounted on the ceiling or wall. In most cases, they are not adjustable, and the jets are fixated on a particular area. Fixed showerheads like MyHomeware’s square and round shower heads are also affordable, and their installation is fairly straightforward.

Handheld Showerheads

A counterpart of a fixed showerhead is a handheld showerhead, which is apparently more mobile and convenient because it allows you to take the showerheads to wash off the part of your body that is hard to reach, and it is for this reason that they are desirable.

A handheld showerhead is pricier in comparison to a fixed showerhead, but they are still within a budget-friendly range, depending on the brand you are opting for. If you are searching for a handheld showerhead with the best features and most reliability, then you have to check out the matt black handheld showers from MyHomeware to enjoy great benefits and a pleasant bathing experience.

Showerheads on Taps

This type of showerhead, as the name suggests, is a showerhead with a tap on its bottom. The showerhead is hanging on the rack when not used, but it can function as a handheld showerhead when you use it for bathing. You’ll typically find these kinds of showerheads in homes with freestanding bathtubs, and they’re quite desirable when you want to sit for a shower or give a bath to kids.


Now you know the different types of showers and the factors to consider when choosing them. Determining what is the best type of shower is indeed an important decision to make since you’ll be spending your time in the vicinity for relaxation aside from hygienic purposes. But no matter what you choose, as long as it satisfies your preferences and needs, then everything should work out perfectly.

FAQ About the Type of Shower

What Is the Most Common Type of Shower?

The type of shower is a fixed shower because they are affordable and easy to mount on the walls or ceiling.

What Are the Different Types of Showers?

The different types of showers are:
· Eco Shower
· Electric Shower
· Power Shower
· Mixer Shower
· Digital Shower

What Type of Shower is Easiest to Clean?

The type of shower that is the easiest to clean is the digital shower since its design is simple and doesn’t have dial knobs to work with.

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