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Finding yourself stuck on the throne without any toilet paper is one of life’s most annoying and uncomfortable situations. But stocking up on rolls and rolls of toilet paper in your bathroom can also make it feel very cluttered and untidy. So how do you solve this conundrum? Luckily for you, we’ve got 8 different toilet paper storage ideas to help you ensure you have enough TP while keeping your bathroom nice and tidy!


Valuable Vanities

Vanities are an easy and straightforward solution to your toilet paper storage problems. They provide the bathroom storage you need, being able to keep multiple rolls of toilet paper out of sight. An important thing to remember when purchasing a vanity is to make sure that it fits with the overall theme and aesthetic of your bathroom design.

Recessed Shelving

For those with particularly small bathrooms, recessed shelving is a great option for your TP storage needs. Recessed shelving sits within the walls of your bathroom and provides great utility for both storage and home decor. You can opt to build your own shelf or contact a professional to do it for you.


Storage Shelves

Recessed shelving isn’t the only option. Regular shelves are very much capable of providing the storage you need. Bathroom shelves are easily installed and come in a wide variety of different sizes and designs to fit your bathroom. For more inconspicuous toilet paper storage ideas consider installing shelves above the door to keep TP out of your line of sight.

Double Holders, Double Storage

If your bathroom is in constant use (big families, share houses), you might want to consider toilet paper storage ideas that cater for many people. One such idea is double toilet paper holders. With one installed, not only do you save the amount of paper you need to store, but you also save time replacing empty rolls.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

Double toilet paper holders not enough? Take it a step further with a jumbo toilet paper dispenser! You won’t need to store as much toilet paper with one of these installed in your communal bathroom. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase jumbo rolls of toilet paper rather than the normal kind you find in supermarkets.

Woven Bags

One way to combine these toilet paper storage ideas with a touch of Boho style is with woven bags. Woven bags exude simplicity and truly embrace the laid back nature of Boho style. Simply hang it on a towel hook and place multiple toilet paper rolls for an easy yet effective toilet paper storage solution.


Woven Baskets

Continuing the theme of woven toilet paper storage ideas, woven baskets are another effective way to keep your TP neatly organised. Woven or wicker baskets are aesthetically pleasing and can also be tucked away beneath shelves or under wall mounted basins or wall hung vanities for maximum space saving.

Wall Hung Cabinets

Your wall hung cabinets don’t solely have to be for medicine, toothbrushes and toothpaste. They’re also a great way to keep your extra toilet paper rolls out of mind and out of sight! Consider saving a shelf in your medicine cabinet for a couple rolls of toilet paper. It’ll also make it very easy to grab a roll in times of need.


Keep Toilet Paper Organised With These Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

These 8 toilet paper storage ideas will keep your bathroom neatly organised while keeping your on-hand toilet paper stock at an all time high! For more helpful bathroom guides like this one check out the rest of the MyHomeware blog! And to pick up some of the items mentioned in this blog, visit our store today.

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