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Many houses now come with a laundry room, or some families will renovate a laundry room on the balcony for the convenience of life. This not only saves bathroom space but also helps extend the service life of the washing machine. Everyone has seen the tap, but we use the general tap to discharge water, and the tap of the washing machine needs to be fixed and connected to the washing machine so that washing clothes will be convenient and the normal use of the washing machine can be guaranteed. How much do you know about the operation of installing a tap in a washing machine? Next, let’s learn about it together.

The operation of installing a tap in a washing machine

1. We know that the height of the washing machine tap is not lower than that of the washing machine, and the specific height does not need to be exacting. It is better to operate comfortably so that it can be adapted to various types of drum washing machines or other forms of washing machines.

2. Don’t bury the connector of the tap into these walls, because you will encounter the problem of replacing the tap. In fact, even if the tap can be connected to a lower position, it is better not to do that. Who wants to bend over to let the water out? It is better to put the water in the drum washing machine on the side of the washing machine.

3. There are no restrictions on the height of the tap, as long as the water pressure is sufficient and the water pipe is long enough.

4. Take out the water inlet pipe fittings of the automatic washing machine, find the end with the water inlet pipe joint, and then press down on the slider to separate the water inlet pipe joint from the water inlet pipe. Then evenly loosen the four screws on the water inlet pipe joint until the tap can be inserted. Then loosen the plastic interface nut until about 3-4 threads are exposed.

5. Put the water inlet pipe joint on the tap, then close the black washer in the joint to the tap, then use a screwdriver to tighten the screw, tighten the plastic interface nut, tighten it until there is no leakage, and then connect the water inlet pipe to the inlet pipe connector. Connect the other end of the water inlet pipe to the water inlet of the automatic washing machine, and tighten the plastic nut to complete the installation.

The laundry tap is a special tap for washing machines among the taps. The difference is that the outlet of the special tap can be directly covered by the washing machine water inlet pipe. We can use the laundry tap as a tap.

Maintenance of laundry tap

1. Please have experienced and qualified professionals to install.

2. It is not necessary to close the tap too tightly. Once it is closed too tightly, it will damage the sealing valve and cause water leakage in the future.

3. It should be wiped dry in time after use to avoid leaving stains on the metal.

4. The ash on the surface should be wiped off gently, otherwise, it will cause wear.

5. It can be cleaned with a wet sponge and then dried with a cloth to keep the product beautiful.

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