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Where can the vanity be placed at home? The integrated design of the whole bathroom, bathroom vanity, and bathroom cabinet is it what you have thought of, which saves costs and is convenient and quick.

In a family, the hostess also has a very important influence, and women love beauty by nature, so every woman wants to have an exclusive vanity, so the importance of the vanity to women can be imagined. But for a house with a small space, it may not be easy to place a unique vanity, but we can design vanity in the bathroom.

Let’s take a look at how to design.

1. First of all, we have to create a mirror cabinet with lights for the bathroom. Under the light on the mirror cabinet, we can clearly see our pores, eyelashes, eyeliner, etc., so that we can make makeup more convenient, so you know how important proper lighting is for makeup.

2. The bathroom cabinet is used as a vanity. If you want to put your cosmetics on the countertop, the bathroom cabinet must be installed in the design of an under-counter basin, so that more things can be placed. You must know that there are so many cosmetics for girls, and it is possible that the countertop is full of cosmetics.

3. If your bathroom countertop is not very big, then you might as well buy a waterproof cosmetic box storage rack so that all the cosmetics are stored in the box, it will be more convenient to use, and it will not make the countertop look very messy. It will be more practical.

4. If space is not enough, then you need to install a storage rack on the wall, and then use it to store more things so that the vanity looks less messy, and the things are stored more neatly. In this way, the vanity will be more convenient and practical.

5. In addition, we can replace the mirror with a mirror cabinet, so that a lot of things can be placed in the mirror cabinet, it will become very practical and convenient, and can better protect the cosmetics.

The bathroom cabinet and the bathroom vanity are decorated together, and the cabinet and mirror are installed on the wall to make your washing and makeup more convenient. The suspended sink makes the bathroom look clean and tidy, and the countertop is tiled to make the whole countertop more delicate. A storage cabinet is designed behind the mirror on the wall, and various cosmetics are stored here, which is convenient to use. If the area of the bathroom is large, a cabinet can be used to separate the washing area from the bathing area.

Due to the small size of the bedroom, considering the makeup of the hostess, the vanity and the cabinet can be designed as a whole, which not only provides convenience for makeup after washing but also solves the problem that the vanity cannot be placed in the bedroom. A freestanding vanity with bronze handles makes the vanity more refined. A pentagonal wall mirror and a furry seat render the warmth of the bathroom. The floor tiles are non-slip and water-resistant and are best laid on the bathroom floor.

The bathroom has combined design of sink and vanity. Two washbasins correspond to the two mirrors on the wall, and a small storage cabinet behind the mirror is used to store toiletries and cosmetics. The hidden design is more compact and does not feel messy.

In the bathroom, the sink is also used as a vanity. The small black closet is designed on the right side, and the open lattice storage is filled with various cosmetics and perfumes. It not only makes the bathroom look delicate but also can accommodate small objects, which makes the bathroom look neat and tidy.

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