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Vanities are the perfect solution for storing bathroom consumables and supporting a sink. It doesn’t matter what size bathroom you have, the presence of vanity in it makes sense. Besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, a vanity also helps in organizing it. Where would you keep your towels, soaps, conditioners, and shampoos without them? With the vanity, you can access all the bathroom accessories from one place. But, people are often confused about the standard vanity sizes, so they tend to avoid them. However, this should not be a valid reason to ditch it. If you want to know what size vanity you should get for your bathroom then keep reading this article.

standard vanity sizes

What Are Standard Vanity Sizes?

Before purchasing a vanity for your bathroom you must know about the vanity standard sizes. Only after that, you would be able to get the perfect-sized vanity for your bathroom. This sub-topic below perfectly answers this question what are standard bathroom vanity sizes?

Vanity Height

The standard vanity height is about 20 to 21 inches. However, you can add or cut a few inches from this range as per your needs, especially if you have kids at home. Keep the vanity’s height to a comfortable level. 

Vanity Width

This bathroom vanity size really matters! In small bathrooms, opt for single-sink vanities between 30 to 48 inches wide. For larger spaces double sinks are ideal – typically measuring 60 to 72 inches across.

Vanity Depth

Most vanities have a depth of about 21 inches without including the countertop depth. Vanities for a large bathroom can have depths of more than 21 inches to render elegance and class. While this depth can be reduced to 16-18 inches if your bathroom is tiny to make the space visually larger. Before following a standard range, always look for your convenience first.

Introduction Of Different Types of Bathroom Vanity 

Commonly, there are four types of bathroom vanities which are discussed below. The models listed below are quite popular if you are looking for standard vanity sizes in Australia.

Freestanding Vanity

Freestanding vanities have good floor clearances that prevent the water from collecting underneath. They are available in several designs and shapes. This type of vanity is most common in medium-sized bathrooms. They are easy to move and maintain. Some vanities may have roller wheels for easy moving.

freestanding bathroom vanity

Wall Hung Vanities

Wall hung vanities are mounted on the wall at least 12 inches above the floor. Such vanities are an ideal choice for both small and medium-sized bathrooms. In small bathrooms, they can be installed to save space. You can install it in a medium-sized bathroom but make sure not to put very heavy objects in it.

floating bathroom vanity

Corner Bathroom Vanity

When you don’t have enough space in your bathroom but still want a functional vanity then this variant is for you. It doesn’t increase the overall bathroom vanity size because it gets attached to the corners of a bathroom wall.

Vessel Sink Vanity

To give you a luxurious feel in your bathroom, this model can be used. The sink is placed on top of the vanity. You need to calculate the dimensions of this model without the sink because the sink when placed on the top of a vanity, increases its height.

vessel sink vanity

Things To Consider While Choosing The Bathroom Vanity Size

Before purchasing a bathroom vanity you must consider the following points.

How Much Space Is Available?

Vanity sizes depend on the size of your bathroom. Measure the size of your bathroom and then decide how much space you can devote to a vanity. Whatever size vanity you get, make sure to leave enough space on both sides.

Double Vanities Or Single-Sink Vanities

Double-sink vanities are common in large bathrooms. Double-sink models can store bathroom stuff separately for 2 to 3 people. Single-sink vanities are good for small to medium-sized bathrooms. If you want related info for single or double vanity dimensions Australia, then we can tell you that their width generally varies between 18 inches and 72 inches.

Vanity Usage

A vanity can have multiple drawers and sub-partitions. These partitions and drawers are necessary to organize a plethora of bathroom stuff such as towels, soaps, shampoo bottles, etc. Before getting a vanity decide how would you going to use it, how many partitions you want, and what amount of stuff would you keep in it. After answering these questions you’ll be able to decide the size of vanities.

Bathroom Vanity Cost

Not all bathroom vanities cost the same. Here cost depends on the features and size of vanity. Large vanities would cost more than smaller ones. Different types of materials used in manufacturing the vanity also add to its cost.


If you keep your bathroom organized, you will not like to see it cluttered. Who would like to have stuff scattered here and there in a neat and clean bathroom? If you don’t want that, then use a bathroom vanity. Trust us, it will keep your bathroom well organized. But what size vanity to buy can be a complicated question. But fear not, read our article that gives you a solid idea of standard vanity sizes.

FAQ about Standard Vanity Size

What Is the Standard Size for a Vanity Sink?

The standard depth (front to back) of a vanity is usually between 20 and 21 inches, while the width depends on whether you want to choose one sink or two sinks. Usually, the standard single or double vanity size of width ranges between 30-72 inches. Of course, you can also increase or decrease appropriately according to your needs.

Is 18-inch Vanity Too Small?

This is mainly up to the bathroom space. For a small bathroom, an 18-inch freestanding or wall-hung vanity should be an ideal size to save space and make the room visually larger. While this size may not be suitable if you have large bathrooms where large double-bowl vanities are better.

What Should Be the Width of the Vanity for Two Sinks?

Most vanities for two sinks are 60 inches or wider. These types of vanities offer things such as increased storage and counter space, an elegant look, and convenience when two people need to use the countertop simultaneously. Besides, you can choose the appropriate size according to the specific bathroom size.

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