The 3 Products You Need to Create a High Tech Smart Bathroom

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When you think of the most high tech rooms in your home, your mind probably turns to spaces such as the living room or the kitchen first. But pay attention to the trends! You’ll find that the bathroom is finally seeing the same kind of technology and innovation you usually see in televisions or mobile phones. It’s all thanks to new high tech products, equipped with innovative and smart features which are designed to make your time in the bathroom both more enjoyable and easier. So, keen on turning your washroom into a smart bathroom? Check out our list of the top 3 high tech bathroom products!

Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are a relatively new trend in Australia, but have been a part of smart bathrooms in the homes of Eastern Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea for a long time. These special toilets are equipped with a litany of features. From bidets that provide water cleaning and adjustable seat temperatures to toilet lids that automatically open when you step in front of it – these features are made to elevate your toilet experience!


Smart toilets may cost a little more than their standard counterparts, but their life improvements are well worth the extra spend. You might even find yourself actually looking forward to going to the toilet every day!

LED Mirrors & Vanities

LED mirrors and vanities can be a great addition to your budding smart bathroom. Usually mounted directly onto walls, LED mirrors add a touch of elegance and flair to any washroom.


Combining futuristic form with function, LED mirrors have useful features such as automatic defogging or alternating LED colours. The additional light provided by these smart mirrors can also help in makeup application. Apart from that however, the amazing design of LED mirrors can enhance and accentuate the space and mood of your bathroom like no other bathroom product can!

Smart Showers

Do you ever feel like you spend way too much time fiddling with your shower taps? Trying to find the most optimal temperature for your shower? Smart showers solve that problem and more. Many modern showers can be equipped with innovative thermostats which provide a constant temperature that can be achieved with a single touch of a button.


Smart showers can also feature LED showerheads which add a bit of stylishness to your shower. These shower heads can also be adjusted to provide a preferred flow of water. This feature is very useful when you’re sharing your shower with multiple family members. Other features of smart showers include built-in bluetooth speakers and warming towel racks for an even better showering experience!

Upgrade to a smart bathroom with these 3 products!

Stop living in the past and jump into the future with these high tech products. They’ll take your bathroom experience to a whole new level. And if you’re wondering where to get your smart bathroom products, look no further than MyHomeware! We’ve got modern bathroom products that come with the latest features and functions. Get in store and shop our smart products now!

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