Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

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Transform your space with these small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget. You may think that it is close to impossible to achieve, considering all the materials that you need to purchase will damage your wallet. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Follow these five simple small rustic bathroom ideas to help you create the rustic bathroom of your dreams. 

DIY Lighting 

First things first, lighting is one of the most important aspects when renovating your room. For a rustic look, use natural materials with rough textures, otherwise, your room can seem dark. 

A budget-friendly idea is to use mason Jars. This project is pretty simple, first, you get planks and drill a hole in the plank where you then pass a chain and wires through. At the other end, attach your lights to the lid of the jar and carefully cover it. Connect the jar and the plank to the chain to support the weight, and you have made yourself a rustic jar light to transform your bathroom. Simple as that! 


Warm Florence lights in jars, pinned to a wooden plank

Colour Scheme and Accent Colours

Apart from the lighting, the colour scheme of your bathroom and any decoration renovation is a very important factor in creating your desired atmosphere. Use natural colours and earthy tones to complement the rustic look, for example, warm autumn colours, reds, browns and greens. Remember, the more neutral your colours are the better!

Earthy Green and wooden brown colour scheme bathroom 

Wooden Furniture

Nothing spells out rustic more than wooden accessories scattered or transformed into the decor in your bathroom. The whole idea of rustic is unpolished, rough and in many cases, handmade. There are many options on ways to get these rustic accessories such as finding some affordable wooden vanities online or handmaking your furniture yourself! 


Rustic Wooden handmade bathroom vanity, with marble top

Budget-Friendly Flooring 

Flooring is an element that will pull your rustic bathroom together. Your eye travels in a circle and without matching flooring, your bathroom will look incomplete. Wooden flooring is ideal when creating a rustic feel, however, timber flooring can be very expensive. So a small rustic bathroom idea on a budget could be to get laminated flooring, they are cost-efficient and very easy to install!

Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Wooden Plank Flooring/laminated wooden flooring in the bathroom

Rustic Theme Bathroom Art Ideas

Now that you have the essential elements to creating a small rustic bathroom on a budget, it is now time to spice things up with some art decor! How often have you looked at home decor, loving it until you see that price tag? Well, the power of DIY will save you hundreds of dollars. Remember the more rough and imperfect your piece is, the better! 

Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Simple DIY wall art decoration in the bathroom

Time to Start Incorporating these Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas on a Budget!

Be inspired by these five simple small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget to help you create the rustic bathroom of your dreams. Come check out the MyHomeware catalogue here and see what inspires you and your home renovation journey!

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