5 Shower Screen Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Shower Sparkly

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Your shower is one of the most often used things you use in your entire home. The average person spends approximately 8 minutes a day in the shower. To put that into perspective, that’s almost 50 hours every year! So it’s no surprise that your shower gets dirty over time, and it’s not exactly ideal to wash yourself in a dirty shower is it? So what can you do to make sure your shower is always sparkly clean? We’ve got 8 easy shower screen cleaning hacks to get your shower into top condition, from the showerhead all the way to the shower floor. Let’s get started!


Cleaning hack 1: Use your own homemade cleaning solution

You could go to the store and buy a bottled cleaning solution, but the cheaper and more environmentally friendly option is to make your own! All you need is a cup of baking or bicarbonate soda, half a cup of dishwashing liquid and vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil. Voila! Your own effective shower cleaner!

Cleaning hack 2: Get the right tools for the job

Having the right tools will make cleaning your shower much easier. We strongly recommend a sponge, microfibre cloth, and a brush with stiff bristles or steel wool for cleaning large areas of your shower such as the floor or shower screen. For those tight corners and crannies, we recommend an old toothbrush!


Cleaning hack 3: Use the ‘S technique’ for effectively cleaning

When we talk about shower screen cleaning hacks, you can’t leave out the ‘S technique’. The ‘S technique’ is a tried and true cleaning technique, not only for shower screens, but for bathtubs and mirrors as well. The basic idea is straightforward – you simply create a S pattern with your sponge or brush from the top of your shower screen all the way down to the bottom.

Cleaning hack 4: Be gentle with tile grout

TIle grout is the filler that sits between separate tiles. When cleaning tile grout the important thing to remember is to be gentle in both the way you clean it as well as the solution you use. Using too much force or using a solution filled with chemicals can actually erode and break up your tile grout. Try using your homemade cleaner and letting it rest on grout before you gently scrub it clean.


Cleaning hack 5: Soak your showerhead clean

Your showerhead probably has a lot of limescale and water deposit marks built up that you haven’t even realised! To effectively clean your showerhead we  recommend soaking your showerhead in a bag of vinegar overnight, then rinsing it clean the next day.

Clean your shower more easily with these shower screen cleaning hacks!

Turning your dingy, dirty shower into one that shines and sparkles isn’t hard with these shower screen cleaning hacks. You’ll be able to enjoy crystal clear shower screens and fresher showers! Looking for more ways to spruce up your shower? Check out our shower collection and find the widest range of high quality shower products, only at MyHomeware!

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