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The broad sense of the built-in bathtub refers to that the bathtub is embedded in the ground or other objects when it is installed. Specifically, it is divided into the built-in bathtub against the wall, that is, the traditional bathtub that we refer to, which needs to build a platform; the central built-in bathtub refers to the bathtub which is not close to the wall and is embedded under the ground. After installation, it is flush with the bathroom floor, just like a mini swimming pool. The biggest difference between it and an ordinary bathtub is that it does not need to build a platform or even a skirt. Its unique effect is sought after by avant-garde people. The following seven beautiful built-in bathtubs make your bath more comfortable.

1.A sunken built-in bathtub

Choose a place against the wall on the ground, make a sunken design, build a natural built-in bathtub, and enjoy the warm and comfortable atmosphere when taking a bath. In order to install a bathtub below the ground, there must be enough space below the ground. In addition, the installation requirements are higher, and attention should be paid to the installation of water pipes. As the installation is within the ground, the trend of water pipes will also affect the installation of other bathroom products.

2.Without a bathtub

Do not need a bathtub, you can also make the style of a built-in bathtub. Make a bath area by yourself, and then fill in mosaic tiles or ceramic tiles, the natural and comfortable built-in bathtub will be built. The layout of water pipes is relatively troublesome, so we must do a good job in this aspect.

3.A concealed built-in bathtub

For people who are used to meditating while taking a bath, it is particularly important to place the bathtub in a relatively hidden place. What we need to do is to separate the toilet and wash basin from the bath area, one end of the bathtub is close to the wall, and the other end is separated from other functional areas by a solid wall. In order to avoid the feeling of depression, the light source of the bathing area should be reasonably configured to create a suitable relaxing environment.

4.With a shower room

Make your own bath area. The built-in bathtub combined with the shower room forms a very comfortable small space. If the space is small, such a design is also worth considering, but be sure to take anti-skid measures.

5.A white massage bathtub

The white massage bathtub is a common oval bathtub. Its white appearance with wood grain tiles looks natural and refreshing. Because of the built-in bathtub, the overall space is visually spacious.

6.Next to the glass door

Like the lake, the built-in bathtub makes people feel more natural, open, and comfortable. The open glass door introduces more light for the interior so that you can see the scenery outside while taking a bath. It is really a very pleasant thing.

7.A round bathtub

The round bathtub is natural and beautiful, which is suitable for creating a built-in bathtub. The round bathtub is more classical and elegant. The pebbles around the bathtub make the bathing area bright and colorful, giving a more exquisite texture.

Bathing is a matter of enjoying life. Besides the bathtub, you can put small green plants to embellish it, or you can light a fragrant candle, and then put a cup of coffee on one side. You can get rid of the pressure at work and enjoy the bath.

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