4 Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas for a Truly Beautiful Space

Scandinavian style bathrooms
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One of the most popular interior design styles in modern day is Scandinavian style. Its focus on simplicity, utility and functionality is one of the biggest reasons as to why it can be found in so many homes and so many bathrooms. Scandinavian bathroom ideas are eagerly sought out for. Look no further! We’ve compiled 4 core ideas to help you put together your own Scandinavian inspired bathroom.


What is Scandinavian Style?

Originating in the early 1900s from the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark (as well as Iceland and Finland), Scandinavian style emphasises minimalism and beauty in simplicity. It achieves this through clean, simple lines, and an avoidance of clutter. It also puts great emphasis on maximising light, through large windows or white walls. Some may think that the style is devoid of life but it’s actually quite a warm style. This is especially true when accented with pops of colour or nature, and finding a balance between minimalism and feelings of relaxation is easily achieved with Scandinavian style.

4 Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Neutral Colours

Scandinavian bathroom design heavily relies on simplicity and it’s colour palette mainly revolves around neutral or monochromatic colours. These colours include white, black, grey, charcoal, dark blue, beige or cream. Use these colours interchangeably but try to keep in mind that the goal is to keep it simple. Scandi style also emphasises natural light spaces so if you choose to use darker colours for your walls, offset it with lighter colours for the floors or large mirrors. Small touches of bright colour here and there will give your bathroom some personality and extra vibrance.

Natural Accents

To really bring life to your Scandinavian styled bathroom try applying natural accents throughout the bathroom. Natural accents break up the monochromatic colour palette of this style and make the entire space feel more vibrant. Indoor plants are a great example of natural accents. A few plants strewn around the bathroom not only look great, but also enhance wellbeing and mindfulness. Bathroom fixtures made of natural elements such as natural wood, brick or stone are also great ways to heighten the look of your bathroom.


Minimal Items

One of the pillars of Scandinavian style is minimalism. So it only makes sense that in order to achieve a bathroom embracing the style, you need less items! Try to keep only the essentials in your bathroom. Avoid stuffing it with too many things (like decorative pieces or bathroom accessories). Of course, some of us may have a lot of knick knacks – such as toothbrushes, toilet paper or shampoo bottles – especially for those with large households. Try to maximise your storage space by purchasing baskets or investing in vanities and cabinets.

Enhanced Functionality

To stay true to Scandinavian style’s key points of minimalism and utility, try to invest in bathroom fixtures and fittings which provide the most functionality. Every item fulfils a specific purpose. Woven baskets are a good example since they act as storage, bidets are another as they provide extra cleaning functionality. Shelving, towel hooks, and rain shower heads are useful bathroom accessories which fit right at home within a Scandinavian styled bathroom.


Discover Beauty in Simplicity with a Scandinavian Styled Bathroom

With these 4 Scandinavian bathroom ideas, you’ll be able to create your very own minimal yet beautiful bathroom in your own home! Pick up some of the items that we talked about in this article at MyHomeware. And discover more fantastic articles like this one at the MyHomeware blog.

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