Rain Shower Head vs Regular Shower Head: What to Choose

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If you’ve ever wanted to grab your shampoo and go out into the pouring rain to take a shower, you might wonder if a rain-style shower head can provide the same experience. The answer is definitely yes, as the point of a rain shower head is to simulate an outdoor rain shower.

However, is it better compared to a regular shower head? In this blog post, we’ll compare rain shower vs regular shower head to help you make an informed decision. We’ll cover the benefits and drawbacks of each type of shower head, as well as the different styles and features available. By the end of this post, you’ll have all the information you need to choose the perfect shower head for your bathroom.

rain shower head vs regular shower head

Rain Shower Head

Are rain shower heads good? With the help of a rain shower head, you can simulate rain without having to wait for it to fall naturally. You can satisfy your desire whenever you want by going to the bathroom. Many people find the experience of taking a shower with a rain shower head to be incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Rain shower heads can be installed in two ways. Many are mounted directly to the ceiling because they must be directly overhead. Since normally there are no existing water pipes, this method requires extensive plumbing. It can be a costly endeavor, but it makes the best looks.

rain shower head

Another option is to install it where a regular shower head would normally be. In this instance, a longer shower arm will be utilized to raise the shower head to the proper height. This is less expensive and easier to install than a rain shower head that is installed in the ceiling, despite its less luxurious appearance.

A rain shower head has low water pressure and fewer water-pattern options. However, it has more advantages that you can consider:

Water Spraying

A rain shower head’s water spraying is made with a great balance of water pressure and flow. You will experience this absolute steadiness while taking a shower. This is due to the head’s numerous spray nozzles, which enable the shower head’s water to spray from all angles.

Full Body Coverage

The rain shower head is available in both square and rectangular shapes. Both widths range between 8 and 10 inches. And the size is relatively bigger than a regular shower head. Therefore, it makes washing your entire body with a rain shower head becomes simple.

Regular Shower Head

The most typical type of shower head in a person’s bathroom is a regular shower head. There are two types of regular shower heads, fixed or handheld. A fixed shower head, as the name implies, is fixed to the wall, and the shower head is not adjustable. Meanwhile, a handheld shower head comes with a long hose to provide more flexibility.

Below are the advantages of choosing a regular showerhead.

regular shower head

High Water Pressure

The water pressure from regular shower heads is much higher, which is quite helpful when rinsing. Furthermore, the higher-pressure massage can feel comfortable on your muscles and your skin.

Easy to Install

Rain shower heads need some considerations when installing, whereas normal shower heads just screw on. They are simple to remove and replace, as well as inexpensive. Basic ones are incredibly affordable, but more expensive models with additional benefits are also available.

Size Friendly

Most of these shower types are circular and have a width of no more than 5 inches, which makes them the most versatile and practical items for both large and small bathrooms.


The water flow of a regular shower head is comparably faster, and fast water flow means less time in the shower overall. If you don’t have time for a long, relaxing shower, a regular shower head will help you save time so you can get important things done.

Which Should You Choose?

Both rain and regular shower heads offer a number of advantageous features, but what to choose? If your shower room is luxurious and has a transparent glass door that displays it all, then adding a rain shower head could be the icing on the cake that differentiates your shower from the others. Similarly, if you prefer taking long, peaceful showers, the rain shower head may improve your experience.

Meanwhile, a regular-style shower head is a better choice if you like showering with strong water pressure, which is easier for you to wash off and gives you a gentle massage altogether. Furthermore, if you wish to install the shower head by yourself and avoid spending extra time and money, a standard shower head is undoubtedly your best option.


The differences between rain shower vs regular shower head have been discussed thoroughly above. Both rain and regular showerheads have benefits that are unique to themselves. However, which of these options should you go with? The answer to this question completely depends on your preferences and needs.

If you have a large bathroom and prefer full-body coverage while showering, a rain shower head is a good choice. You can go for a regular shower head if you have a small bathroom and prefer a gentle massage from high water pressure. No matter which type of shower head you choose, we recommend MyHomeware shower heads to get the best experience while saving you money. The products are high quality, easy to install and come with a 5-year warranty.

FAQ About Rain Shower Head VS Regular Shower Head

1. Is It True That Rain Shower Heads Use More Water?

Actually, rain shower heads don’t use more water than regular shower heads. But a rain shower head may feel more comfortable, which leads to you having longer showers and ultimately using more water.

2. Why Does My New Shower Head Have No Pressure?

A clogged showerhead, a worn-out mixing valve, a closed valve, a leaking pipe, or even a faulty water heater can all contribute to low shower pressure.

3. What Is the Benefit of a Rain Shower Head?

With a rain shower head, the water will flow evenly over your whole body, and you won’t have to adjust the position to reach all of your body parts. Just stand there and relax, and it will take care of the rest.

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