Rain Shower Head Pros and Cons That Are Worth Your Time and Attention

Rain shower head pros and cons
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Rain shower heads are gradually gaining popularity and are now attracting more attention than traditional shower heads. Owners of big bathrooms often prefer these without a second thought. Not only do the rain shower heads add luxury to a bathroom, but they also provide a soothing effect while bathing. 

But is it worthwhile to purchase a rain shower head, and what are the rain shower heads pros and cons? Explore this article to find answers to such questions in full detail.

What’s a Rain Shower Head?

A rain shower head is a type of shower head that sprinkles water down as if it is raining. Most people buy these shower heads only for this natural rainfall effect. Sometimes they are also known as waterfall shower heads. They come in various shapes, sizes, and installation provisions. Ceiling-mounted rain shower heads are often more common than wall-mounted ones.

Rain shower head wall mounted

What Are The Rain Shower Heads Pros and Cons?

You must be aware of the rain shower head pros and cons before you purchase it. Checking the pros and cons is a common practice and must be employed for every product before buying. So, you must always check them if you do not want to regret your purchase later.

Rain Shower Heads Pros:

  1. Mimics Actual Rainfall: The rainfall effect is the main reason for its popularity and increased sales. This rainfall effect is not a part of conventional shower heads, which only spray water over your body, either at high or low-pressure. But rain shower heads work with low and constant water pressure to give you the pleasant effect of bathing under a refreshing rainfall.
  2. Uses Less Water: Rain shower heads are big enough and most probably get mounted above your head. So when it flows over your entire body, less water is used in bathing because of the overhead placement of the shower head and its big size that covers your body. But remember that bathing under it is addicting, and you should avoid bathing for long times because this will waste a lot of water. So, limit your rainfall-associated bathing excitement to save water. In this case, less water usage is one of the benefits of rain shower head.
  3. Customization: Rain shower heads features may include LED display, temperature sensing, LED lights, and hot or cold water selection.
  4. Design: Their design adds more value to the existing appearance of your bathroom. Once installed in a bathroom, their appearance becomes irresistible. Again, this is one of the benefits of rain shower head.

Rain Shower Heads Cons:

  1. Expensive: Getting the view of luxury and experience of a heavenly bath may come at a high cost. This cost may be out of your budget. As the size and quality get better, the price automatically gets higher.
  2. Tricky Installation Process: Not all bathrooms get constructed the same. If the plumbing work in your bathroom is not in compliance with rain shower heads, then their installation would be trickier. Rain shower heads come with dedicated plumbing fittings that are not usable with traditional shower head fittings. So, they will require a complete plumbing rework before getting installed in an older bathroom. A newly constructed bathroom will not face such problems.
  3. Require High Ceiling: Rain shower heads get installed at a height. The height is a mandatory requirement that you must not ignore. Because if you do ignore it then the rainfall effect will not work. If your bathroom ceiling is less than 8 feet, do not buy it. Always install the rain shower head at least 2-3 feet above your head.

So, sometimes it becomes challenging to service them. Because you first have to reach that height and open the shower head. Then you have to bring it down for servicing and cleaning purposes. Sometimes, this seems like a lot of work to many. More complex showerhead fittings may require more of your time during maintenance.

Is a Rain Shower Head Worth It?

Often people ask “is a rain shower head worth it?”, because they invest their money and time in it. Yes! A rain shower head is worth all your money and effort. It mimics the natural rainfall effect and provides you with a spa-like experience. It also adds an eye-catching appeal to your bathroom and refreshes you with every bath. These features are valid enough to advocate their importance in a modern bathroom. Why would someone talk of their mere cons when the benefits of rain shower head always outweigh cons?


If you value the features of a rain shower head more than anything else, then you should be getting one. We know how good it feels to bathe under a rain shower head. The slow drizzle of water oozing out of the shower head rejuvenates the mind and body. So, you will come out of your bathroom with all your energy levels restored. We recommend that you only check out the reliable brands like MyHomeware rain shower heads that offer quality. If you are still in a dilemma, then please check the rain shower heads pros and cons given above.


Here are some frequently asked questions about rain shower heads:

1. Can You Adjust The Pressure In a Rain Shower Head?

Most people say “rain shower head not enough pressure”. While rain shower heads have low downpour pressure, some high-pressure units are also available to purchase, but their pressure remains lower than the traditional shower heads. So, most of the time (>90%), you can not adjust the water pressure. 
Its engineering lets it mimic actual rainfall, so there is no need to adjust the pressure. Though you can not adjust the pressure, you can control the water flow.

2. Will You See Any Rain Shower Head Problems After Installation?

Proper installation will not give you any rain shower head problems. But, remember that they are not maintenance-free. Hard water is their biggest enemy that even affects their chrome finish. Limescale build-up often clogs up the rain shower heads. So, it is always better to clean them whenever necessary to avoid blockage and damage. Always wipe them clean and dry with a piece of cloth after every bath.

3. Which Rain Shower Head Type Is The Best?

It depends on the size of your bathroom. Big bathrooms can go with the ceiling-mounted rain shower heads, while small-sized bathrooms can get wall-mounted rain shower heads. The ceiling height must be at least 8 feet without considering the bathroom size.

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