4 Products You Need to Create an Amazing Powder Room

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How many bathrooms do you have in your house? For you and many other Australians, you most likely have one or two. But in some cases, you might have a smaller room with just a toilet and a vanity. This is known as a powder room! Perfect for guests or for cutting down the toilet queue in your home, powder rooms are a neat addition to your home. In this article we discuss 4 products you need to turn any space into an amazing powder room!

4 Powder Room Product Essentials


Smart Toilets

Most powder rooms only have two main elements – the vanity and the toilet. So why not upgrade the toilet into a full-functioning smart toilet! Smart toilets are incredible. They have built-in intelligent features such as automatic lids, self-flushing and seat warming functionality (perfect for winter!). Most smart toilets also come equipped with bidets with self-spraying features for easier and more complete cleaning. You might find yourself preferring to do your business in the powder room than your regular bathroom!


Aesthetic Basin

A new basin can really elevate your powder room, turning it from a dingy space to a star room in your house. There are many types of basins and sinks for you to choose from, in a range of styles, shapes and sizes. You can opt for a classic ceramic basin built directly into your vanity. Or you can choose a stone basin that sits right on the countertop. A new basin and sink also calls for new tapware to go along with it. Like basins, there is a lot of choice when it comes to tapware but you can check out our tapware guide to make things a little easier for yourself!


Crystal Clear Mirror

Powder rooms are perfect for those who live in a busy household but still need space to do their hair and makeup for the day. However, that can only be said if your powder room has a clear mirror! Mirrors are often a second thought, but the quality between a bad mirror and a good one is night and day. A large mirror can make your powder room appear to be bigger and will give you more space to do your morning routine. You can also choose to buy an LED mirror which can provide extra lighting while you do your makeup.


Extra Storage Units

You can never have enough storage in your home, especially for the bathroom. Powder rooms can provide an extra storage space, especially if you’re smart about it! Your powder room vanity can provide you with space to store your makeup or toiletries, while you can also install a cabinet behind your room’s mirrors. If you have the wall space, you also install shelves to put more items or to put a decorative item or two.

Start building a powder room to be proud of today

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