4 Benefits of Personal Bidets: Why You Need One Today

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At MyHomeware, we consider ourselves experts in everything bathroom related. And when we say everything, we mean everything – even the rather dirty side! In this article, we take a close look at bidets, the one piece of bathroom equipment that is seeing a lot of demand. Personal bidets have changed the way people use their toilet and with their benefits, it’s no surprise why!

What are personal bidets?

Personal bidets are toilet attachments designed to spray water on your genitals to clean them after you’ve finished your business on the toilet. Bidets are incredibly common in Europe and East Asia. It’s only been in recent times that they’ve seen a growth of popularity in the West.


Personal toilet bidets come in many different forms. Some bidets can come in the form of hand held hoses. These have cleaning nozzles which are easily installed and very cost-effective. They can also come as complete attachments which are installed onto the toilet seat or toilet bowl. These feature many functions and features which are activated at a press of a button.

4 benefits of personal bidets

Better cleaning

Bidets have been shown to clean and wash your body better than toilet paper. Washing your butt with a bidet helps remove more residue that you might miss otherwise. And for bidets with water flow and thermostats, you’ll be able to clean yourself at a temperature and pressure that you enjoy.

Better personal hygiene

Personal bidets are incredibly effective at limiting germ and bacteria spread in the bathroom. It goes without saying that doing your business is a breeding ground for germs, but bidets can prevent germ particles from getting on to your hands.


Helps with hemorrhoids

If you’ve ever wiped after pooping and seen blood on your toilet paper, you might be suffering mild hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. However, the warm water from a personal bidet can be soothing and provide much needed relief.

Environmentally friendly

Did you know the average family uses 409 regular sized paper rolls every year? That is a lot of toilet paper! By switching over to bidets, you drastically reduce the amount of toilet paper you use everyday.

Not only is this cost effective but it’s so much better for the environment! When you factor how much water is used to create toilet paper rolls, you also save a lot of water when you use a bidet.


Make the switch and see the difference today

Personal bidets are now the gold standard for toilets and bathrooms. And with so many people making the switch, it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy bidet life for yourself! To shop for your own bidet, explore the MyHomeware bidet range, Australia’s largest and most affordable bidets!

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