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Preparing meals in the kitchen can sometimes be a real mess. And sometimes, it is really taxing work cleaning it up afterward. With this being said—a separate sink outside the house can provide a sort of convenience, right? And if you are indeed planning on this endeavor and looking for outdoor sink ideas, then you’d be glad to know that the blog I prepared will provide a list of the best ones that you can try in your home.

So without any further ado, let’s begin today’s list…

Best 10 Outdoor Sink Ideas

Below is a list of the 10 best outdoor ideas that will definitely make your outdoor activities fun and relaxing at the same time:

1. The Great-Alps-Themed Outdoor Kitchen Sink

the great alps themed outdoor kitchen sink

The European Alps are definitely a spectacular sight to see. If you have hiked the trail before or you just want to recreate the beautiful scenery right in your background, then you can do so by putting up dark-toned rubble as your wall, wood fences, and outdoor stainless steel sink.

2. Greco-Modern Outdoor Kitchen Sink Idea

greco modern outdoor kitchen sink

The present generation is defined by the fusion of contemporary and antiquity. The fading patina of bronze or brass emits an elegant aesthetic that is tantalizing and attracts attention. For this idea, it would also be an excellent idea to upsize the art involved by choosing a clam basin instead of the traditionally functional outdoor basins.

3. A Typical Upstate Home Outdoor Kitchen Sink Idea

a typical upstate home kitchen idea

You can bring the comforts of a dining area and meal preparation outdoors by setting up your outdoor sinks and cabinets and other kitchen essentials the same way you do inside. Another advantage of this particular concept is that you somehow bring your family closer to the great outdoors without having to leave your home.

4. Double Table Kitchen Sink Idea

double table kitchen sink idea

Opting for a single table with two workstations ensures less clutters as you prepare food. Going for a simple design without overthinking what has to be done allows you to organize stuff as effectively compared to a larger outdoor garden sink.

In addition, bricks with lighter shades go along with outdoor landscapes that are covered with forested backgrounds. What it essentially does is that the light colors make the kitchen set up more prominent and allow it to become the centerpiece if that is what you are going for.

5. A Minimalistic-Inspired Kitchen Sink Idea

a minimalisitc inspired kitchen sink idea

Minimalism has been a trend for many years now, and it is basically based on the stoic philosophy that less is better. In a kitchen setting, this is especially helpful—less actually improves spaces and is more aesthetically pleasing because the area is less cluttered, so to speak.

6. Kitchen Bar Setup Idea

kitchen bar setup

Setting up a kitchen that emulates a bar is perfect beside the pool, especially if you are frequented by guests. Although this type of kitchen setup can be really expensive, it is indeed an investment that will surely benefit you and whoever comes to visit you.

It would also be ideal for putting a larger outdoor wash basin to accommodate a larger group of people. Aside from the size of the sinks, it is recommended as well to opt for a double sink to give you more functionality in preparing foods or drinks.

And if you are looking for the most reliable and premium double kitchen that will perfectly suit your setup, then you have to check out MyHomeware Handmade Top/Undermount Double Bowls Kitchen Sinks.

7. Outdoor Patio Kitchen Sink Idea

outdoor patio kitchen sink idea

Another great idea is converting your patio into a kitchen sink setup, especially if you have a large space in the balcony area that can accommodate a few to several groups of people. It is a great idea, to begin with, that would allow convenience and no longer necessitates you to go back in the kitchen back and forth.

8. Simple Garden Sinks Idea

simple garden sinks

Sometimes an extraordinarily simple setup is sufficient to give you the functionality you need. However, such an idea is no excuse for you not to make the area extra special and a place of comfort. You can buy a sink stand or have them custom-made, whatever you like, and then mount a stainless steel sink or any choice you desire.

9. Marble Stone Countertop with Rounded Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

marble stone countertop

A marble stone countertop can be really expensive, but it can be worth every penny as well because of the durability it can provide that can last for many generations. And to compliment the quality of the marble, you can install a sturdy kitchen sink that is made of stainless steel.

But sometimes, although some products say that it’s stainless steel, the quality of the material is still out of the question. And if you are looking for the best quality stainless steel, then my recommendation that you have to check out is MyHomeware Round Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink.

10. Sheltered Patio Outdoor Kitchen Sink Idea

simple patio

The problem with outdoor kitchens is that sometimes the equipment that you bring outside could attain damaged by the elements, such as the rain and direct heat of the sun. If this particular thought concerns you, then the best next thing to do is to establish them on a sheltered patio.


I do hope that the list of outdoor sink ideas I have relayed provided you with valuable insights in helping you set up your kitchen in the backyard. But no matter what idea you settle on, it will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and unique sense of style.

FAQ About Outdoor Sink Ideas

Below are some of the concerns that homeowners have about the subject matter of outdoor sink ideas:

What Can I Use for an Outdoor Sink?

The best material that you can opt for in a kitchen sink is stainless steel because they are highly tolerable against water damage and the effects of direct heat from the sun.

Can I Put a Sink Outside?

The answer is yes if you find the right setup. Outdoor sinks can be hooked up directly to the garden hose or they may require plumbing connections, depending on your home and desired use. With proper care and upkeep, an outdoor sink can be a convenient part of any backyard oasis – so if it piques your interest, don’t hesitate to look into this unique option.

Is a Sink Worth It In an Outdoor Kitchen?

It is a resounding yes because it provides convenience, practicality, and added functionality. Whenever you have an outdoor party, you and your guests don’t need to travel all the way to the kitchen inside your house for a hand-washing. And this avoids making a mess indoors which is way more difficult to be cleaned.

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