12 Must-tries Outdoor Bath Ideas

Outdoor bath ideas
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Taking a bath outdoors can be an incredibly refreshing and calming experience. These outdoor bath ideas will give you the chance to relax your muscles and reduce stress, by being exposed to natural elements. 

Island-Style Outdoor Bath Ideas

Mix rustic wood with modern concrete for a striking style that will transport you to your own faraway paradise. Incorporating decorative vases and lighting will create a peaceful environment in the bathing area.  

Outdoor bath ideas

There is nothing better than relaxing with nature!


When it comes to outdoor bath ideas, privacy is crucial when bathing outdoors. Screenings come in different shapes and designs, providing you with easy decor while feeling at ease when you use your outdoor bathtub! 

Outdoor bath ideas

Even if you are outside, you still need privacy!

Romantic Retreat

Why stick to one tub when you can have two? This is a brilliant way to upgrade your deck, especially if you’ve got a beautiful view. Add some potted plants nearby for a luxurious hotel spa-like vibe. 

Outdoor bath ideas

Share the love of outdoor baths with your significant other!

Stone Walls

Placing a stone wall is a great outdoor bath ideas and it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Stone walls provide privacy and protection from the elements while still allowing you to enjoy nature. 

Outdoor bath ideas

For extra privacy that looks stunning, build a stone wall around your outdoor bath!

Blend with the Surroundings

If you love the idea of creating a natural environment, then opt for a tub in an organic shape. Surround your outdoor bath area with plenty of ferns and foliage, and you will instantly be transported to your own paradise. 

Indoor, Outdoor 

An indoor-outdoor bath ideas is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature while still having the convenience and comfort of your home. 

Outdoor bath ideas

Indoor-outdoor baths are a great way to still enjoy nature without being completely exposed to the elements!

Sink your Bath into the Deck

Create a natural outdoor bathroom by placing your bathtub into your decking. This will add visual appeal to your yard and will not disturb seating space during gatherings. 

Outdoor bath ideas

Creating a bath inside your deck is like a mini pool without the tedious maintenance! 

Keep it Contemporary

Outdoor bath ideas have been around for centuries, but with the correct design elements, they can create a contemporary feel. By selecting materials like ceramic tiles and stylish fittings, an outdoor bath can become a luxurious oasis. 

Surround with Lush Leaves

Surrounding your outdoor bath with lush plants is a great way to create a relaxing haven in your backyard. Not only do the plants add beauty and serenity, but they also provide privacy. 

Outdoor bath ideas

Create a jungle vibe by surrounding your bath with lush leaves!

Garden Structure

Garden structures are a popular choice for outdoor bath ideas. From traditional Japanese tubs to luxurious designs, they provide a unique and aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy your outdoor bath. 

Outdoor bath ideas

What better way to create outstanding visuals than with garden structures?

Position Near a Pond

Positioning your outdoor bath near a pond is the perfect way to experience a tranquil bathing experience. Sitting in the tub, surrounded by nature will provide a sense of relaxation and peace.

Bathe Beneath Nature

Positioning your outdoor bath under a tree is an excellent idea for many reasons. It provides you with shade and shelter from the elements, offering a more pleasant atmosphere as you relax in your tub. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit to build or install an outdoor bathroom?

Depending on the location and local regulations, you may need a permit to build or install an outdoor bathroom. Generally, this includes obtaining permission from the local government, showing proof of land ownership, and providing diagrams explaining the proposed constructions and materials.

Is there anything else I need to know before starting this kind of project?

Before installing an outdoor bath, it is important to consider the type of plumbing setup you will need, as well as any electrical systems that may be required. 

Experience Total Relaxation with these outdoor bath ideas

These outdoor bath ideas are a great way to reduce stress, connect with nature and enjoy the fresh air. There are many benefits of having an outdoor bath that you won’t get from taking one inside. For more decor ideas, check out our blog page! 

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