4 Nautical Bathroom Ideas for an Amazing Sea-Themed Bathroom

Nautical Bathroom Ideas
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Do you consider yourself to have a strong affinity for the ocean? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of being on a boat rather than work? A nautical inspired bathroom is a great way to bring the sea into your own home! They’re not your average porcelain bathroom, that’s for sure! But when done properly, nautical bathrooms can be incredibly stylish and very aesthetically pleasing while adding some fun and colour to your home. Here’s our top 4 nautical bathroom ideas to make one of your own!


Blue Colour Palette

A great place to start building your nautical bathroom is with a blue colour palette. It makes sense – the blues simply evoke everything about the sea! Look to use a mix of both dark and light shades for a room that truly wows and impresses! You can choose to incorporate the blue colour palette in multiple ways from navy blue accent walls to blue floor tiles. Take it a step further and mix in blue and white striped patterns to deliver true nautical, sea-shanty vibes!

Nautical Accessories

What other way to turn a plain bathroom into one that shouts ‘ahoy!’ than nautical home decor, fittings and fixtures? With so many options to pick from, this is where you can let your creativity truly run wild! Some nautical bathroom decor ideas you can choose to incorporate into your nautical theme include anchor decor, circular mirrors, rope or woven baskets, ocean themed artwork. Remember the golden design rule of less is more, a few carefully chosen pieces work much better than an overwhelming amount of sea-themed items.


Lots of Natural Light

Natural light is a key component of our nautical bathroom ideas and for good reason too. It wouldn’t make sense to design a nautical themed bathroom that doesn’t have sun shining through it. Consider investing in wide open windows to let as much light in, as well as a large mirror which enhances the spread of light in your space. For those with a smaller floor plan to work with, consider frameless shower screens to give the illusion of more open space within your bathroom.

Wooden Features

Turn your bathroom into your own ship by incorporating wooden features and elements into it! Wood is a great way to emulate being on the high seas and has the added bonus of being highly aesthetically pleasing. Some wooden features you could possibly consider include wooden vanities, wooden framed mirrors or wooden accessories such as shelves or stools. You can embrace the nautical theme even further by installing a wooden bathroom floor to truly capture the feeling of standing on a ship deck!


Evoke that Ocean Feeling with these Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Whether or not you’re a sea lover, these 4 nautical bathroom ideas will give you an amazing, eye-catching bathroom for you and your family! Need some of the items we’ve mentioned in this article? Head on over to MyHomeware, Australia’s largest range of quality bathroom products at affordable prices! And for more great bathroom ideas, check out the MyHomeware blog!

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